Friday, September 24, 2010

Emmys 2010- Red Carpet

I have been looking forward to the Emmys all week and today I finally got to see what the stars wore. I thought that all the women looked stunning (minus a few exceptions) and they were glowing with excitement. I narrowed my pictures down to my 4 favourite looks from the event, and one of the worst outfits.

Top: Katrina Bowen & Emily Blunt
Bottom: Kerri Russel & Jayma Mays


Monday, September 20, 2010

Things Im Lusting...

As always, I am scouring the net for my next fashion crush. Not a man, but an item of clothing. At the moment, I am pretty content with my wardrobe- meaning that my lust list is less than 6 pieces right now..

Toping my list is a leather messenger bag with buckles. It looks so sauve and very practical- and so much kinder on your posture. I am also craving a man-style watch, Leopard print scarf, anything pastel and lace up shoes (as seen here)

Things Im Lusting

Things Im Lusting by Antzypants featuring chronograph watches

I plan on going to DFO this weekend- so I may be able to pick up some bargains there :)

Love Julz xx

Monday, September 13, 2010

Green with Envy

Over the weekend I bought some khaki trousers that I have been keen to buy for months now. Every pair I tried on just looked odd on me- but these ones fit nicely and were on sale at Cotton On. I wore them with my vintage boyfriend blazer and Rubi wedges. I tried to take a picture but my mobile camera just didnt work with me today- so I turned to trusty Polyvore :D

Khaki Queen
Khaki Queen by Antzypants featuring a white blazer

Now I have the rest of the week ahead of me *sigh*. Enjoy yours... Love Julz xx

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who What Wear- Gossip Girl

I get daily newsletters from and I when I opened todays newsletter, i just fell inlove with the outfits that the girls on Gossip Girl have been wearing lately. Have a look- what do you think?

What Was She Wearing:Answers!

Trend- Lace Up Heels

Whilst I was reading my weekly magazine, i came across a these great shoes like these that are currently on trend. I'd seen them once or twice around the clubs but I could never find them in stores- even considered buying rope from Spotlight and creating my own.
So Im hoping the the publicity in this weeks issue of NW will make way for me seeing these shoes pop up in stores.

Love Julz xx

Outfits- collection

I really want to post pictures of my outfits on a daily basis but I dont have a proper camera, let alone someone to actually take the pictures. So at the moment i rely on the odd friend to snap me, or set up a timer (classy). I compiled some of my recent outfits below for your viewing pleasure.

Love Julz xx

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trend- Rompers

I feel that after my last post, I needed to come back to where we are now- SUMMER!!!. I am so excited for warmth, shorts and beaches!
So, a trend that I will be embracing this coming season will be the romper. You need to find the right style for your body shape but anyone can pull off a romper. Celebrities who have been acknowledging this trend have been Blake Lively, Cat Deeley, Lauren Conrad, and Audrina Patridge.

Let me know if you find the perfect one :) ......Love Julz xx

Fall Trends- Buy Now!

So if you're anything like me, I like to get in while the sales are on and get a good deal on a usually expensive item. While I was scouring the stores this past weekened, i noticed that alot of next winters trends are on sales from our past winter season stock. So, I thought that I would pass on my knowledge to you all, and help you out on some bargains.

So, pen and pape girls. Next season you are going to want to have the following things. You can get most of these now on sale before summer comes.

Hope this has helped you. Dont forget though, that this stuff will go into your cupboard for next year- but atleast you know you saved a load of cash now, instead of waiting till all the new stock comes in.

Happy Shopping..... Love Julz xx

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Its been awhile- Im sorry. Ive been very busy and have been going to the gym in my spare time... so i apologise for my neglect. Anyway, I have some new things that I am keen to show, but until i locate my camera, it will have to wait. Until then I have some new outfits that i wore this week, and recreated for you to see below.

I will have some new posts soon.

Love Julz xx