Friday, November 5, 2010

4 days later....

So it took me 4 days to finally get my act together and  do a post. Ive been so focused on other things lately (other thing= Gossip Girl) that I just go to bed, check my facebook and then fall asleep these days.

However I thought that it was my duty to keep ontop of my posts. Ive only been doing this for 3 months so Im sure it will get easier. Ive also decided that I want to share my faith on this blog as well. Im a born again christian and stictly against bible bashing. I will not be forcing my opinions with you, but I simply would like to share my thoughts and some bible verses whenever I need some time to just journal about it, or just share a nice passage.

Anyway below are 2 outfits that I wore this week. I have been sticking to the basics alot lately (thus my lack of wanting to blog about it). Jeans and dresses have been a dominant trend, with sandals and cardigans. Very plain. Very boring. Although someone did say to me the other day that there is nothing wrong with wearing a summer dress and sandals, in summer! So TRUE!.

I just feel sometimes like I am given more leeway to design more unique outfits in winter, given the layering etc. So my aim this summer is to experiment with more daring summer outfits. I have recruited my Polyvore friends to help me find some new outfit styles for summer (still waiting on some responses/ideas grrr) and I am also exploring the web. I will post my outfits here when I come up with a good idea.

This first outfit is actually a romper/playsuit that I picked up at Valleygirl. Its actually suppose to be a black and white tribal print but I couldnt find anything like it in Polyvore. I mixed it with Bronze/Gold accessories like the sandals, earrings and necklace.

This next outfit I actually wore today. It was Friday, so casual wear in the office was acceptable. I wore a watermelon coloured blouse top from Dotti with my trusty JayJays jeans. Black Havaianas, a pink bangle, teal and bronze necklace and broze stud earrings finished off the look.

In both looks above I put my hair into a messy bun and attached a cream flower.

I promise to blog soon. Have a safe weekend

Love Julz xx

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