Saturday, November 6, 2010

All I want to do is Gossip

Ive been sucked into Gossip Girl once more. Having the first 4 seasons at my disposal isnt always a good thing. I am currently sitting in my room with all my necessities sprawled around me and by the end of my day today, I was actually craving to watch another episode. So here I am, season 3, Hilary Duff is guest starring I am absolutely loving the fashion!. My personal favourite is Vaness but the other girls grab my attention at numerous time per episode. This inspired me to have a look at each girls style and write this post.

Vanessa is from Brooklyn and her style is eclectic. I love her use of colour and patterns and she never shys away from mixing and matching random styles.

Blair is from upper east side and her look definately reflects this. She is very well put together and pretty much tried to finish each outfit with a cute headband.

Jenny is from Brooklyn but has been brought into upper east side royalty due to her Dad marrying Serenas Mum. Her style has changed so much from the beginning of the series. She was cute little Jenny Humphries and after mixing with the wrong crowd, and going through a mid teen crisis, she emerged a troubled rock princess with black panda eyes.

Serena is the star of the show (apparently pffft) and she was brough up in upper east side royalty. Living a life of luxury but trying to lead her own rebelious life has resulted in a pretty awesome wardrobe and style. She is always has a sophisticated streak but her outfits generally are smart casual street smart.

Love Julz xx

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