Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bronzed Up

My last post, which I didnt realise until now, was my 60th post. Thats a pretty massive effort. I cannot wait to reach my 100th post. I wonder what it will be on. Maybe I should leave it up to you. You have 38 post to decided so dont stress!.

I dont have much to report. I have a Proactiv post that I want to quickly write after this but other than that I have just been focusing on work and looking forward to my busy, yet exciting, month ahead of me. If you are not already aware, I am going to Cairns in December to visit my friend Erin. She is taking me scuba diving (which I am terrified about) and I am just looking forward to taking a real holiday besides my awesome weekend siorees to Sydney or Melbourne.

I also have my sisters formal next Friday (she is featured here). I have the day off to do her make up for the big event. We had her trial run tonight and she seemed really happy with how it looked, so Im happy too.

Once I have gotten past Ainsleys formal, and then the Cairns trip, I then have my work Christmas party, Home Group Christmas Party, Church Carols night, and then actual Christmas and New Years. Pretty packed, and I cant wait. I am also upping my exercise to make sure that I am looking my best for the numerous parties and events coming up.

Anyway I just wanted to do a quick post of my outfit yesterday. It wasnt anything exciting. Im actually more excited about the Polyvore collage I made for it.

Love Julz xx

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