Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashion Icon- Rachel Bilson

I am often inspired by a celebrity's wardrobe choice. Whether it be for a big event or a paparrazi shot, they always seem to throw something amazing together (or have an amazing stylist).

Over the last year I have really discovered who my favourite icons are, and I often go on deliberate hunts for their latest creation on either their blogs or fashion sites.

From this, I dreamt up Fashion Icon. Through this new thread, I want to show you who my fashion icons are and why. I am always finding new people through the likes of Whowhatwear.com or general scouring, so I am sure that this thread will have many new additions.

I wanted to christen my first Fashion Icon post with the my favourite icon, Rachel Bilson. I first discovered her awesome style when she was on the OC as Summer Roberts. But it soon became clear that it wasnt just onscreen that she created a stir with her fashion choices, but also in the fashion world. She often graces the best dressed lists and is always leading the way in the latest trends. One of her favourite designers is Zac Posen, whom I also love. I would say that her style is Wearable Trendy. You know how you get those crazy people who wear trends to the extreme (which i also love), well she is not like this. She seems to make anything and everything look easy to wear, and the best thing is that she never looks daggy.

Below are some of my favourite looks and some ideas on how to re-create them.


Rachel by Antzypants featuring a dot skirt

Love Julz xx

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