Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Proactiv- Day 11

I feel weird writing about this and sharing my issue with you, but I really feel like i should. Mainly because alot of the reviews I read on Proactiv looked fake and I didnt trust them. So I had to do a true review on it, considering so many people want to know if it actually works.

Well its Wednesday. Apparently by day 12 my skin is suppose to be dramatically improving.
I dont know if it is or not. Im still breaking out a little, but my skin has stopped being so dry and the redness is going away. On Sunday it was impossible to put make up on, and I had to pack it on to actually have semi normal looking skin. Today though, I actually didnt have to wear so much to cover up.
To be honest I am just tired of trying this. Its only been 11 days but I have the worst discipline with this type of thing. I was whinging about to my Mum on the phone the other day, and she is insisting that I keep trying it for another week.

Im hopeful that this slight healing of my skin is a sign that totally clear skin is only a few days away.. Come onnnnnnn Proactiv!

Love Julz xx                          

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