Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clothes Diet

Hi Ya'll..

So I have some news. I have decided that I am going to be going on a Clothes Diet. This basically means that I am not going to buy any clothes for 6 months!! I know!!!
I have decided to do this as part of a church challenge and I am going to put $30 towards something else in my church instead of spending it on clothes. Its going to be hard but I will survive.
The idea is also to see if I can style my current wardrobe for the next 6 months, with current trends, without having to spend money. Will be interesting and Im looking forward to it.
I have 1 more day until I start and I need to run to Shops tomorrow on my lunch break and buy a blazer and some nude heels. I have 3 weddings to go to next year within this period so I need some heels that I can wear to all 3. I also have a grey blazer that I want to buy for winter. So tomorrow I will get those and then I start officially on Saturday, 1st January. Arrgghh!! I was going to wait until 20th January to start (cos 6 months from that date, Crystal gets back from OS) but I decided that I have to pay for my car within the next 2 months and I would probably over do it with hoarding peices if I waited any longer..... and my car is vital to get around.

So yes. 6 months is my aim. I will update how I am going on here and will show any awesome ideas that I come up with on how to use an old piece to make a new trend :)

Love Julz xx

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Proactiv- 2 months later

Its been 2 months of constant Proactiv usage, and I must say that Im not impressed. My skin is the same as before I started and its expensive, smells annoying and it bleaches my towels. Definately not worth it.
So I have decided to cease using this disgusting product and start using Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit range. Ive used it twice and LOVE the smell. Its like putting fruit juice on my face!

This Neutrogena range is great because it is the same as the original Oil Free Face Wash with Salicylic Acid but with a new fragrance, and this product is getting rave reviews. When I did my research for Proactiv, I found so many good responses to this, compared to Proactiv (but of course I got Proactive to test the hype)

So anyway you've read my journey with Proactiv. It didnt mess up my skin like others have said, but it didnt fix my skin like it said it would. So all in all im just over it and excited to welcome to Pink Grapefruit into my cleansing routine :)

Love Julz xx

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

This is just a quick post to wish everyone a.........

Patterned Text Generator at

Dont forget that Jesus is the reason!

Have an amazing day and I also wish you well in the after Christmas sale pandemonium :)

Love Julz xx

Bag Lady

I just randomly decided last night to do a post on bags. Not any particular style, but just to do a simple collage of what my favourite looks are at the moment. I actually fell asleep last night while I was designing this, so its being posted a day late- my bad.

So as you can see below, I am particular liking the earthy colours at the moment, with browns, greys, pinks and greens. Im particularly liking anything with a long strap these days, as I come to appreciate the simplicity that these bags bring to my life :)
I also love clutches. Small and classy. I like the geometric prints or something that has a little BAM! to it for a night time clutch.

Anyway, this is my quick bag post, and I am not going to post another entry- because today is a pretty aweosme day.........

Bag Lady

Bag Lady by Antzypants featuring michael kors clutches

Love Julz xx

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Urban Trecking

Just a quick update on my outfit today.

Love Julz xx

Christmas Rush

Only 4 more sleeps till Christmas!!!! I find it so exciting during the lead up to Christmas.
Carols, Shopping, parties! I just dont understand how you cannot enjoy it. I must admit though that finding the perfect gifts for each person can be difficult, but I learnt my lesson (5 years in a row) that it is best to start early and plan ahead. I had this awesome schedule planned out with each person down per week leading into the big day- i mean- I failed, but my intentions were there. The good thing was that I figured out early what to get each was just that my execution wasnt so crash hot. So right now, I am still needing to get 3 more gifts, not including my secret santa for work.

Another big dilemna for Christmas is working out the Christmas outfits. I go to church on Christmas morning, so i get to choose 2 outfits for the day. For those not familiar with Austalian Christmas', they are pretty hot and humid and the days are usually spent with a BBQ/Roast Dinner, sitting around the outdoor table with iced drinks and jumping in the pool. Its pretty great.

My first outfit will be for church and the general thing to wear (for women) is a semi structured summer dress in bright colours (below). Think yellows, blues, greens and pinks and generally in a block colour or florals. Sunday best is very rarely worn in Australia (or atleast where I am from) but Christmas is an exception.

Ofcourse you can go with the more traditional outfits as per below but these are generally left to the under 12's in the church. But I think that these are cute dress ideas if you cant help but carry out the Christmas spirit.

Then comes the agonising decision on what to wear to the family lunch. Ofcourse its nothing too fancy over here. As mentioned its literally is a BBQ/Pool event with Christmas presents and tinsel thrown in. You have the decision on whether to just wear shorts and a top for all intensive purposes, such as sitting on the ground opening gifts to running around outside with your little cousin. You also have the option to wear your swimmers the whole day and slip on some slouchy shorts over the top. Lastly you could go a little more trendy and wear a jumpsuit/romper.

So all together, you can see that I have hard decisions ahead of me. Ofcourse I will post my outfits next week when I am back into the swing of things after my 4 day Christmas holiday. Until then though, I will still post some entries until the big day is upon us..

Love Julz xx

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A week to go.....

Only 5 sleeps till Christmas! I love this time of year. My family always gets together on Christmas day for lunch and gifts and food enduced sleeping. Its great! With 5 days left, I am down to my last panicked week of gift shopping. I had all great intentions of buying 1 gift per week leading up to the big day, but of course, once again I have left it to the last minute. So this week I will be heading to the shops after work each night to buy another gift. I really dont mind as I do have a shopping addicition, so heres to a great week ahead.

My outfit below was inspired by a blog that i found this week by a blogger called Jennifer Humphreys. Her outfit here from her blog agogo (main site here) was amazing and I have been thinking all weekened about how I could use this look for work this week. I took the below top and knotted it so that skirt was high waisted.
Im actually running late for work now, so I must leave this post here, but I will update a few times this week leading up to Christmas with some ideas on gifts etc and some Christmas day outfits.

Love Julz xx

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fashion Icon- Fearne Cotton

One of my daily tasks is to check out for the latest posts on new fashions and trends. They often showcase the regular and well known celebrities on here such as Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung and Nicole Richie. However, I have become familiar with a little known fashion icon, Fearne Cotton. Her style is relaxed and eclectic. Red shoes with a purple top? Some how she makes it work and I am just in awe of how she pulls off these looks. Ever since i found her on this website, she is popping up on other sites and in my fashion magazines. Watch this girl.....

Love Julz xx

Monday, December 6, 2010


I would really like to direct you all to an awesome website They are an amazing organisation, who when they sell a pair of shoes, then give a pair to a child in poverty. The shoes themselves are fantastic, but the the work they are doing in 3rd world countries is phenomonal. I have bought myself a pair of basic white ones, but they come in a many different colours and styles. Please help by buying a pair for yourselves or someone else. You could really help them make a difference.

TOMS by Antzypants featuring toms shoes

Love Julz xx