Friday, December 24, 2010

Bag Lady

I just randomly decided last night to do a post on bags. Not any particular style, but just to do a simple collage of what my favourite looks are at the moment. I actually fell asleep last night while I was designing this, so its being posted a day late- my bad.

So as you can see below, I am particular liking the earthy colours at the moment, with browns, greys, pinks and greens. Im particularly liking anything with a long strap these days, as I come to appreciate the simplicity that these bags bring to my life :)
I also love clutches. Small and classy. I like the geometric prints or something that has a little BAM! to it for a night time clutch.

Anyway, this is my quick bag post, and I am not going to post another entry- because today is a pretty aweosme day.........

Bag Lady

Bag Lady by Antzypants featuring michael kors clutches

Love Julz xx

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