Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Rush

Only 4 more sleeps till Christmas!!!! I find it so exciting during the lead up to Christmas.
Carols, Shopping, parties! I just dont understand how you cannot enjoy it. I must admit though that finding the perfect gifts for each person can be difficult, but I learnt my lesson (5 years in a row) that it is best to start early and plan ahead. I had this awesome schedule planned out with each person down per week leading into the big day- i mean- I failed, but my intentions were there. The good thing was that I figured out early what to get each person....it was just that my execution wasnt so crash hot. So right now, I am still needing to get 3 more gifts, not including my secret santa for work.

Another big dilemna for Christmas is working out the Christmas outfits. I go to church on Christmas morning, so i get to choose 2 outfits for the day. For those not familiar with Austalian Christmas', they are pretty hot and humid and the days are usually spent with a BBQ/Roast Dinner, sitting around the outdoor table with iced drinks and jumping in the pool. Its pretty great.

My first outfit will be for church and the general thing to wear (for women) is a semi structured summer dress in bright colours (below). Think yellows, blues, greens and pinks and generally in a block colour or florals. Sunday best is very rarely worn in Australia (or atleast where I am from) but Christmas is an exception.

Ofcourse you can go with the more traditional outfits as per below but these are generally left to the under 12's in the church. But I think that these are cute dress ideas if you cant help but carry out the Christmas spirit.

Then comes the agonising decision on what to wear to the family lunch. Ofcourse its nothing too fancy over here. As mentioned its literally is a BBQ/Pool event with Christmas presents and tinsel thrown in. You have the decision on whether to just wear shorts and a top for all intensive purposes, such as sitting on the ground opening gifts to running around outside with your little cousin. You also have the option to wear your swimmers the whole day and slip on some slouchy shorts over the top. Lastly you could go a little more trendy and wear a jumpsuit/romper.

So all together, you can see that I have hard decisions ahead of me. Ofcourse I will post my outfits next week when I am back into the swing of things after my 4 day Christmas holiday. Until then though, I will still post some entries until the big day is upon us..

Love Julz xx

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