Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011- Year in pictures

I didnt want to overwhelm you with a million pictures, but I selected a few pictures from 2011 to give you a glimse into what it brought to me :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Lusting

I know I said that I was going on hiaitus for a little while, but I couldnt help putting together a lust collage for you all.
On a side note, we had the hens party this past weekend and it was alot of fun. The day went smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves, so I can now relax and look forward to the actual wedding- 11 days!

Keep smiling :)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey everyone. As you are probably already aware, I am taking a short break from blogging at the moment. I have so much on with university and work. Also my brother is getting married in 3 weeks so family are starting to arrive from interstate (grandparents) and I have Hens/Bucks things to organise and bridesmaid duties. Add to that christmas preparations and im absolutely chockers at the moment. Dont get me wrong though, I am so excited by everything thats happening right now and am enjoying the chaos thats going on.

So for the next week or so Ill be away and hopefully be back blogging after the 20th November.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I wanted to share with your some photos from some the "Zombie" Halloween looks that I did this past weekend. The pictures below are of my housemate Chelse (Rupunzel), Courtney (Ballet Dancer), Ainsley (Tinkerbell) and myself (Alice in Wonderland).

Monday, October 24, 2011

Playlist- October 2011

1. Titanium- David Guetta ft Sia
2. A-Team- Ed Sheeran
3. Sexy and I Know It- LMFAO
4. We Found Love- Rihanna
5. Domino- Jessie J
6. It Girl- Jason Derulo
7. It Will Rain- Bruno Mars
8. I Like How It Feels- Enrqiue Ingelsias ft Pitbull
9. Got 2 Luv U- Sean Paul

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bikini Season

Spending all this time in the sun has made me appreciate my swimming attire so much more. I am so keen to get out and get some new swimmers for the season and to be honest I have no idea where to start. There are so many trends to conquer!! Ive categorised the swimmers into 4 styles. Brights, Floral, BlacknWhite and Prints. Adding to my black and white set that I already have, I purchased a nautical inspired bandeau bikini top, so next for me will be a bright block coloured set and a floral set. See below for some of my favourite swimmers this season.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holy Grail Products

I want to share with you some of my HG products (Holy Grail). These are the products that I cannot survive without. These are skincare/hair/other products that I always have in my cupboard and highly recommend.
The thing that i have been recommending forever now is Nivea Calm and Care deoderants. They are amazing. I used to suffer from the usual bumps after shaving, but when I started using this 2 years ago, it went away and stayed away. I have both the roll-on and spray versions at home. Roll on for after the shower, and spray for not after the shower. Next i swear by heat tamer for damage control and prevention on my hair. Ive tried a couple in the past but Im in love with Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray. It makes my hair feel incredibly soft and I hear alot of other people recommend this too. Next for my hair is dry shampoo. I dont understand what was done before this little baby was invented because its definately magic in a bottle. I use it for volumising my hair, reducing oil and adding texture. I love the Batiste one as the smell isnt too overpowering but definately suggest sticking to the Original as the other variations smell too "candy" for my liking. Hairspray has always been in beauty cupboard and was on of the first things I bought myself in regards to beauty/hair. Ive come to love Sunsilk hairsprays and mainly for the smell. My personal favourite is the pink co-creations one (couldnt find image) but all Sunsilk hairspray smells amazing and does an awesome job with holding my hair. Its not crunchy at all which is a bonus. Skincare has always been abit of a challenge for me. I cant seem to find things that work for me. That is until I found Simple. Its a UK based brand and is developed for sensitive skin types (like myself). I have fallen in love with the Moisurising Facial Wash (below) and the Soothing Toner. Lastly, my recent find is Le Tan Coconut Oil with SPF. The one i have at home is SPF30+ which is awesome for the Australian sun. The oil smell INCREDIBLE and is summer in a bottle. It helps with getting an awesome golden tan without getting burnt- #winning!! :)
What are you're holy grail items in the beauty cupboard?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Makeup Routine

I talk so much about fashion on this blog, but makeup is also a big love for me. I do alot makeup for weddings and formals around my city and just love learning about. I will be doing my Cert II in Makeup sometime next year if all goes to plan and then will qualified :) YAY!
So let me know if you want any reviews or suggestion for makeup products and skincare products etc.

I wanted to start by showing you my every day makeup routine and what I use. I tend to mix it up alot and try new products often. At the the moment I am using Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in "120" and Concealer in "10". I set this with the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder and then use my E.L.F. Duo Bronzer/Blush for definition and colour. My eyeshadow changes on a daily basis and then I line my eyes with Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner. I then coat my lashes with Covergirl Lashblast Volume mascara and I ALWAYS carry around Lucas Paw Paw ointment for my lips. I tend not to put colour on my lips out of habit but if I do, I used Ulta3 liptsicks from my local chemist or if I want to use something classier, I carry around Loreal Colour Riche in "Sunset" and Revlon Colorstay in "Carnation".

Makeup Everyday

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Summer Event Series: Festivals

Now I will be honest with you... I have never been to a festival.. I KNOW!! I KNOW!! its ridiculous right!! I would love to go to one this summer, but it looks, AGAIN, that I missed out. Im pretty much waiting out till my little sister turns 18 so we can all go together. So, regardless, I am well aquainted with festival atire. Its all about loud outrageous, yet comfortable clothing. Below is what I have chosen as pefect festival wear.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Summer Event Series: BBQ

I love family BBQ's. Especially when the sun is out shining and the day goes well past sunset. I find that BBQ's are almost an excuse to get a little dressed up. A little more classy than a picnic but not too classy that you bring out the stilettos. Personally I think BBQ attire includes summer dresses, wedges and big sunglasses. See below for my picks of BBQ attire this summer :)


Summer Event Series: Bonfire

Sitting around a fire at the beach is one of my favourite past times. Cooking marshmellows which inturn end up as smores and singing with an acousitic guitar and dont forget the fire twirling. Its such an amazing feeling knowing that you are relaxing so close to the beach at night time. Nothing says summer more than this. Swimming is pretty much out of the question, so shorts and slouchy tops are perfect for such an occasion. I love to carry a lightweight white knit jumper to throw over if it gets breezy. See below for selection of bonfire pieces.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Summer Event Series: Beach

As we, in Australia, head into a beautiful summer, I want to do a series that will help those in the land down under look stylish and feel comfortable throughout the party season. So, the more common events that i want to touch on would be Beach, BBQ, Bonfire, Pool Party, Festivals and ofcourse, Shopping. Today I am going to start with the beach because lets face it, the beach is the most popular destination for those living on coastal Australia. Its hot, its sunny and its fun- and you get a mean tan in the process - safe tan ofcourse :) Below are my picks for the necesities for a day at the beach :)


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just A Little Grey

Another quick post today showing you one of my outfits from last week. For some reason it went a little cold and miserable for a couple of days last week so had to pull out the old leggings and jumper ensemble. Hope you likey :)

Fashion Icon

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Inspiration: Bloggers~ Pt2

This is part 2 of my showcase of fashion bloggers. I have about 10 in my favourites that i keep a close eye on. This week I am just showing 6 of my favourites. Ofcourse, as you have read before in here, my two favourite blogs of all time are Late Afternoon and Cupcakes and Cashmere. I have done seperate posts on these girls, so I didnt see the need to add them into these posts- time to let some others have the lime light (although they are still my fave!). Below are the last 3 I wanted to show in this 2 part post. They are Atlantic-Pacific (top), SomethingNavy (middle), and Fashion Toast (bottom).


Monday, October 10, 2011

Statement Jewellery: Earrings

Im just getting onto the earrings bandwagon. For some reason i used to steer away from earrings. Not sure why to be honest, but Im back with a vengence. I dont like anything too dangly, but am gravitating towards block gems, and feathers. My favourite from below are the orange hooked earrings (bottom left), the black and orange studs (top left) and the aztec inspired ones (middle left).

statement Earrings

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Inspiration: Bloggers ~ Pt1

Whoever said that celebrites are the trend setters, havent subscribed to fashion blogs. Fashion bloggers are my style inspiration. They dont have stylist, just ooze style.

Below I am showcasing three blogs: Ring My Bell (top), Lucy Laucht (middle), and Song of Style (bottom). I have to check these blogs out at least once a week.  These girls are incredibly trendy and beautiful.  Click on the names to visit their blogs, and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.


bloggers1 by lovejulzxx featuring rings

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Statement Jewellery- Rings

Rings are definately a big statement this season. Im loving anything floral, multi ringed, and bright. I think the best way to pull this off, is for the ring to be obviously costume inclined. The best way to pull off this trend is to aim for anything that looks like costume jewellery. I love gem rock inspired rings like the coral one top right and the cross that goes across 2 fingers. Remember if you are going to wear a statement ring, dont wear a statement bracelet at the same time- its too much. Below are my picks for this season.

Statement Ring

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Statement Jewellery: Cuffs & Bracelets

Cuffs are making a big comeback in the jewelley world. They a bigger and brighter than ever. Im loving anything that is rare and interesting. Patterns are great, and different textures are even better. I still cant go past stacked bangles and mutli strands bracelets either. They are so delicate looking and fresh. Below are my picks for cuffs/bracelts this season. My favourites are pink/bamboo cuff, purple snakeskin cuff and the brass multistrand bracelet.

statement Bracelet

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Statement Jewellery: Necklaces

A big trend at the moment is statement jewellery. It can be anything from strands upon strands of beads and pearls, to big block pieces. Feathers are also big at the moment with influence from last seasons tribal trend. in saying that, I want to focus on each of the 4 main jewelery categories, and what I think are some amazing pieces to choose from.

To start off, I wanted to look at necklaces. Statement necklaces are best left to be paired with basic outfits. Block colours dresses, white singlets, business attire etc. I think that anything bright and in your face is perfect. I love the below picks, especially the yellow beaded necklace, and the bright orange one.

Statement Necklace

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spring Lusting

Just when I think I have finally bought all that i want for the coming season, I realise that Im a fool, because to be honest, Ill never be satisfied with my wardrobe. There is ALWAYS something to add, and I mean always!! I can however say I am impressed with how much I do have in my wardrobe that I am happy with. Usually its a case of "nothing to wear", but I am happy with my selection. Dont hold your breath for long though.

At the moment I am loving anything that feels like Ive been living in Byron Bay for too long. So straw, cream materials and ripped denim is fantastic. Thankfully I have all the pieces in my wardrobe to acheive my staple 2011 summer look but ofcourse I dont like to stick to one style all the time, so I need to find some additions to mix it up.

Basically anything white is great. A white knee length dress and a white maxi dress is on the list, because come on, what else screams summer more? I would love to pair with denim or bright coloured coverups and wedges and bright BRIGHT jewellery.

I am still deciding on the necisity of this next one, but a tutu inspired skirt would be a cute addition. With a white or black fitted singlet and wedges, this could definately be staple evening outfit for me. Also in the necisity list is a navy stripe top. I think it would go amazing with white shorts, gold sandals, bright necklace and aviators for a relaxed day time look. I just cant seem to find the perfect fit though. The one in my collage below is pretty much exactly what im aiming for.

Covering up in summer is difficult because its too damn hot to wear anything too heavy but ive noticed that Kimono Jackets are big this year. The one below in the collage is exactly what I want. Ofcourse paired with anything denim, this would look amazing, so im on the hunt for this. Also I am wanting a cream or white blazer to smarten up some extemely casual outfits. Thinking paired with denim shorts, floral top and sandals.

Lastly I am really keen to find a white loose cropped jumper to wear at night. I think paired with denim shorts, this look would be perfect for sunset BBQs around the pool or beach. Especially if you can see a peek of a bikini underneath.

I cannot wait for summer!!!

spring Lust