Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fearne Cotton

I logged into my emails this morning to check on my fashion newsletters that I get sent each day. My usuals are from Rachel Zoe and ofcourse Imagine my excitement when I see that todays post in WWW is all about my girl, Fearne Cotton. If you remember my post back in December (here), I said that Fearne Cotton was a girl to keep your eye on, fashion wise. Well looks who is making strides in the fashion ladder :)

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Love Julz xx

Friday, February 11, 2011

Widdly Tinks

Thought this was cool- My Family :)

My Family from

Love Julz xx

Spring Trends 2011- Buy Now!

Hi Guys,

Its nearing the end of summer here in Australia- only 2 weeks till Autumn (Fall) which I am so stoked about. Anyway, back in Spring I posted what I believe are the key pieces for Fall/Winter, judging by European and American Trend forcasting sites (because they are a season ahead of us).
So now, is time for me to show you what you should get out and buy for Spring/Summer next year. You should get in now as Summer closes and the sales start to get a good bargain. Although alot will remain trendy next summer, check some key pieces and trends for next year.

Key Pieces:
  • Lace
  • White
  • Light-toned Leather/Embellished Leather
  • Bright Colours (goodbye pastels)
  • 70s inspired (flares etc)
  • Daytime Metallics
  • Denim Anything
  • Tutu Skirts
Thanks Guys

Love Julz xx