Friday, March 25, 2011

Inevitable Haul

I went on a spontaneous trip to Priceline with my gorgeous friend, Katrina, and picked up some great bargains :) Below is my video on what I acquired. Enjoy!

Love Julz xx

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jacket Up

We are heading into the season of chilly weather and layering. I love it and I cant wait to get out my jackets. I really am looking forward to July when i can actually go out and get some bright coloured jackets and cardigans (as Im on clothes diet until there- see here for explaination).

Unfortunately, in Australia, we dont get any further than Jackets, in the outerwear department. Coats and parkas dont really get to see the light of day here, because it doesnt get that cold. I only own 1 coat and 1 parka and althought I wear my Parka (which is reasonably thin) at night, my coat rarely comes out.

Below are some jackets that really caught my eye. Im loving the bright colours, and lighter denim. the leather jacket is still a massive trend, but I am very keen to try it in a tan or beige tone for a differentn look. I personally only wear jackets that have shape and show off my waist, and I just dont understand how a boxy jcket can be flattering (I am willing to be proven wrong). I will show you my picks for coats in a future post, so stay tuned......

Love Julz xx

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black and White

Today I went onto my blog stats randomly, and was shocked to see that Ive had well over 2,000 people visit my site. I cannot believe that! Its amazing and its even better because i really like doing this blog, and it means that you guys do to :) yay!
It is very motivating to keep going with this. I can really tell that my blog is definately my strongest mode, as I like to express through art and colour etc. I cannot wait to see how this year pans out with posts, with where my blog goes and  really where I go this year. So stay tuned and dont venture too far from here, as I will have many updates, and alot more fashion posts.

Below is my outfit that I wore today. It is rather chilly in my office so I am starting to pull out my winter pieces now. I do look a little ridiculous walking around on my lunch break in wool socks amidst summer temperatures, but seriously, I am so thankful once I get back to my desk.. Brrrrrrrrr!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Trend: Colour Blocking

Hi Y'all
Ive been flicking through my latest issue of Shop Til You Drop and I noticed that a big trend at the moment is colour blockking. Forget the 80's mosaic print with the black outlines. Im talking about no outlines, just straight colour on colour in weird blocked patterns. I am really liking this trend on shoes and bags. I think that it makes a really nice statement piece.
Colour Block

Love Julz xx

Monday, March 14, 2011

Purple Coral

I just wanted to share with you an outfit that I put together. I really love coral and purple together. They really compliment eachother despite being contrasting colours. I think only way this look works, is because both colours are relatively light/pastel and from the same tonal group. You wouldnt be able to get away with orange and purple as straight colours. Hope you enjoy this post :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

February Favourites

Below is my latest youtube video on my Feb favourites. Dont forget to subscribe :)

Love Julz xx

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Im Lusting- March 2011

I finally made it. 100 posts. Its a milestone. One that I am very proud of. I love blogging and talking about all things fashion. I love my readers (the ones that I am aware of anyway) because they are my close friends and I do this for them as well as for my own enjoyment.
So in honour of my 100th post, I wanted to dedicated towards my lust list. These are the things that I am loving at the moment, and cannot wait to get my hands on. Looking at the collage below, it is pretty evident that I am liking anything ladylike/70's style. None of that hippy 70s please, Ill take the Charlies Angels/Love Boat style thanks. Is so flowy and flattering at the same time. The lengths that I like at the moment are modest and the nacklines are quite modest too. I really like creating these collages, as it allows me to see what exactly it is that I am leaning towards at the moments, style wise. Especially at the moment while I am on my Clothes Diet- and am not scouring clothes stores every day. Speaking of Clothes Diet, I am officially 2 months in to the day. It actually hasnt been too bad to be honest. Maybe I should re-evaulate that in another 2 months or so.

Feb Faves

Love Julz xx

Oscars 2011

Arggh its been so long since my last post. I have been so preoccupied with thinking about study etc, that I just havent has time to blog. Ive also been slack with my youtube too, so sorry!
Anyhoo the oscars were this past week (Monday) and I loved some of the dresses that the girls wore.

My personal favourites were very easily chosen. Personally I think that the dresses were a bit 'blah' this year and only 2 stood out to me as absolute winners on the red carpet.

The first being Mila Kunis in that gorgeous lavender gown by. I think that the dress fit her perfectly and really showed off her amazing figure. The colour complimented her skin tone beautifully and i really felt like she wore the dress, instead of the dress wearing her.

The second that really grabbed my attention was Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabanna. The colour, the lace, the fit; it all made for a showstopping outfit. I just couldnt take my eyes off her in it. Then we she turned around, and the back of the dress came into view, my jaw dropped and I was completely sold. Moroon won for me.

Keeping in the Oscars spirit, i styled my own Oscars outfit, that I wanted to show you all. Enjoy!