Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jacket Up

We are heading into the season of chilly weather and layering. I love it and I cant wait to get out my jackets. I really am looking forward to July when i can actually go out and get some bright coloured jackets and cardigans (as Im on clothes diet until there- see here for explaination).

Unfortunately, in Australia, we dont get any further than Jackets, in the outerwear department. Coats and parkas dont really get to see the light of day here, because it doesnt get that cold. I only own 1 coat and 1 parka and althought I wear my Parka (which is reasonably thin) at night, my coat rarely comes out.

Below are some jackets that really caught my eye. Im loving the bright colours, and lighter denim. the leather jacket is still a massive trend, but I am very keen to try it in a tan or beige tone for a differentn look. I personally only wear jackets that have shape and show off my waist, and I just dont understand how a boxy jcket can be flattering (I am willing to be proven wrong). I will show you my picks for coats in a future post, so stay tuned......

Love Julz xx

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