Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Im Lusting- March 2011

I finally made it. 100 posts. Its a milestone. One that I am very proud of. I love blogging and talking about all things fashion. I love my readers (the ones that I am aware of anyway) because they are my close friends and I do this for them as well as for my own enjoyment.
So in honour of my 100th post, I wanted to dedicated towards my lust list. These are the things that I am loving at the moment, and cannot wait to get my hands on. Looking at the collage below, it is pretty evident that I am liking anything ladylike/70's style. None of that hippy 70s please, Ill take the Charlies Angels/Love Boat style thanks. Is so flowy and flattering at the same time. The lengths that I like at the moment are modest and the nacklines are quite modest too. I really like creating these collages, as it allows me to see what exactly it is that I am leaning towards at the moments, style wise. Especially at the moment while I am on my Clothes Diet- and am not scouring clothes stores every day. Speaking of Clothes Diet, I am officially 2 months in to the day. It actually hasnt been too bad to be honest. Maybe I should re-evaulate that in another 2 months or so.

Feb Faves

Love Julz xx

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