Thursday, July 21, 2011

Winter Fashion

Its been awhile- I know. Im sorry. Im prefusally sorry (is that how you spell that??? ) (awkies).

Anyway I made it through the 6 month Clothes Diet. It went quick, It went slow... i dont know really how fast it went- but I was just glad to buy new leggings (holes!)

Despite having free reign to buy whatever and how much I want- Im finding that I am extremely picky. I guess having 6 months to contemplate my wardrobe and study trends etc, has lead to me being more thoughtful of my choices.

Like I said, I studied trends and fashions alot over the last 6 months, through youtube and websites and magazines. I learnt alot about bloggers and their fashion (which is alot more wearable and inspirational than runway) and I learnt what style I really like and what suits me (which may be why I am so picky now).

In saying all this, I am well equiped to give you my fashion collage for wintger 2011. Its full of nuetral vintage style peices- which i found out that I LOVE- as well as some gem inspired dresses and tops.

Enjoy :)
Winter 2011

Love Julz xx