Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bright Ideas

This year its all about bright colours and colour blocking. Its a pretty strong contrast to pastels from last summer (post here). I absolutely love this trend. Its bright, its happy, it screams summer!! I could grab any of the pieces from below and create a killer outfit. Yes, it may be a blinding outfit- but it would rock!
I am so keen to get out and buy a couple of bright, block coloured tops, like the purple one below, and some bright coloured skirts and shorts- and just rotate the colours. If you can muster up the courage to go crazy with this trend, perhaps stick with  bright accessories. Hot Pink heels (not patent pls!) or sandals (can be patent) or bright bags and clutches. Or even try a bright coloured dress with contrasting bright heels. I guarruntee that you will be as happy with trend as I know I am going to be :)


Brights by lovejulzxx featuring a sleeveless blouse]

Here are some examples of how I would put together a bright colour-blocked outfit for summer!

Love Julz xx



bright 1

bright 1 by lovejulzxx featuring a mini skirt


  1. I think the denim/purple top outfit looks alright, not selling me on the others however :P

  2. haha thats ok- you're not suppose to understand womens fashion :)