Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fashion Icon: Late Afternoon

When I look for inspiration, the best place for me is the web. Ofcourse you can check out Instyle and Vogue etc online but if you want to find some people with some serious fashion cred- go to blogs. My favourite of the moment is Liz of Late Afternoon. Her style is so effortless and chic. She is from San Francisco originally, having moved to LA of late and her style is very San Fran. Its trendy but wearable. I hate it when people wear things that are overtly fashion forward (heel-less heels anyone?). She, aslongside a couple of other bloggers, are who I turn to when I need inspiration or ideas. I wanted to add Liz to Fashion Icon because although she isnt an A-Lister or model, she is pretty well known within the blogging and fashion blogging realms. Below are some of favourite looks from her and how I would recreate them. Below that are some other looks from her amazing blog.

Late Afternoon

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