Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello Sweetie

This morning was amazing. I woke up to clear blue skies and warm weather- in August!!! Still winter and you get summer! I love Australia. The feeling of being able to spend the morning in shorts and a singlet was unbeatable, and alongside the cool spritz of styling spray in my hair this morning, if i had of closed my eyes i honestly could of felt like I was at the beach. Perfection.

Today is Friday, and I am stoked for the weekend. This weekend I move out of my old place and into my new apartment- Bliss! I decided long ago that this move was going to be stress free. I spread out the removalists (for the big furniture) and the cleaners with a week gap between, so that I could lazily grab loads of my things on the way home from work each day. This is going to be easy :). So thats my Saturday sorted, and Sunday is going to be spent with my Sister-in-law (to be) Brogen, looking for our outfits for her engagment part next weekend, and will also be spent at the beach, soaking up the rays. Bring it on!

With a great weekend ahead of me, and summer weather still glowing around me, I decided for a fresh spring look today, with pink and creams and casual relaxed fabrics. Nothing was going to ruin my day!
Hello Sweetie

Love Julz xx

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