Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Moving time.......
I seriously dont know how I accumulated this much crap! It just sits in boxes, collecting dust. However, I find it hard to part with. Namely because they hold so many memories from my childhood and teenage years. Alot of it, are old diaries and I love to go through these every couple of years. They are hilarious to read through.

Last night I sat on the floor of my errily empty bedroom at my old place and read through my diary from when I was 13 years old. The amusement that it brought to my friend Kira was incredibly and to be honest, I had a good laugh too. I was so excited to be turning 13 and to be going to into highschool. My friends were my everything back then, and the best bit, was when I would refer to my little sister, it would always be followed by- my bestfriend/sister.

I was so set on being super close with my sisters when I was that age. I would force it to a point where it was embarrassing. I think alot of it came from seeing my Mum and her sisters, and how they would call eachother up weekly, sometimes daily, and giggle and gossip on the phone to each other. I wanted that!- never mind the fact that my little sisters were only 8 and 3 years old haha.

I can laugh at it now though, because my sisters and I are super close since growing up. I knew it would happen eventually- its just cute to see how much I strived to be friends with them back then.

Todays outfit- Thursday- No work tomorrow :)

Style Statement

Love Julz xx

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