Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spring Lusting

Just when I think I have finally bought all that i want for the coming season, I realise that Im a fool, because to be honest, Ill never be satisfied with my wardrobe. There is ALWAYS something to add, and I mean always!! I can however say I am impressed with how much I do have in my wardrobe that I am happy with. Usually its a case of "nothing to wear", but I am happy with my selection. Dont hold your breath for long though.

At the moment I am loving anything that feels like Ive been living in Byron Bay for too long. So straw, cream materials and ripped denim is fantastic. Thankfully I have all the pieces in my wardrobe to acheive my staple 2011 summer look but ofcourse I dont like to stick to one style all the time, so I need to find some additions to mix it up.

Basically anything white is great. A white knee length dress and a white maxi dress is on the list, because come on, what else screams summer more? I would love to pair with denim or bright coloured coverups and wedges and bright BRIGHT jewellery.

I am still deciding on the necisity of this next one, but a tutu inspired skirt would be a cute addition. With a white or black fitted singlet and wedges, this could definately be staple evening outfit for me. Also in the necisity list is a navy stripe top. I think it would go amazing with white shorts, gold sandals, bright necklace and aviators for a relaxed day time look. I just cant seem to find the perfect fit though. The one in my collage below is pretty much exactly what im aiming for.

Covering up in summer is difficult because its too damn hot to wear anything too heavy but ive noticed that Kimono Jackets are big this year. The one below in the collage is exactly what I want. Ofcourse paired with anything denim, this would look amazing, so im on the hunt for this. Also I am wanting a cream or white blazer to smarten up some extemely casual outfits. Thinking paired with denim shorts, floral top and sandals.

Lastly I am really keen to find a white loose cropped jumper to wear at night. I think paired with denim shorts, this look would be perfect for sunset BBQs around the pool or beach. Especially if you can see a peek of a bikini underneath.

I cannot wait for summer!!!

spring Lust

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nailed It

If you ask my house mate about nail polish, you will find out that I am absolutely obssessed with changing mine up every few days. Several times a week, she will walk out to the lounge room to see my painting my nails a new colour. I cant stand having the same thing for too long- call it ADD but I like to mix it up. Nothing feels fresher to me than a new coast of polish.

I hate winter nail polish, i find it boring and predictable, and tend to be sneaky by wearing creams and whites on my nails, so as not to be too drab, but not too "summery". So now that we are heading into summer, I can finally bring out my bright colours and go mad.

At the moment I have been loving this awesome tangerine colour, that bordering a warm red. The colour is so flattering and goes amazing with a tan. I also like to fall back to my lilac polish by mode as I know it always suits what I wear. I have also been playing around adding glitter to my ring fingers for something different.

This summer I am going to be stepping out of my comfort zone of pinks/reds and trying pale blues, mints, pale yellows and oranges.


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Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmys 2011

Last night I stayed up way past my bedtime (..10pm) to watch the Annual Primetime Emmys awards.

Whilst Modern Family absolutely slammed the other TV shows in most award categories, as always, I was more keen to check out the fashion from the night. Red was a dominant colour on the night but my eye was drawn to the more delicate dresses in rare colours. Below are my picks for best dressed from the Emmys 2011.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer 2011

Summer is creeping up quickly on us here in Australia and a couple of people have been asking me what to look out for to wear this season.

This season is all about the 70's. Think lace, brights, boho, denim and organza skirts. Below is a collection of pieces that I scouting out for in the shops at the moment and I believe you should be wearing this Summer 2011.

Summer 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Playlist- September 2011

I wanted to introduce a new section to my blog called Playlist. This is where I want to share with you the songs that are on high rotation for me. I may not post every month but more like every season :)

Playlist Sept 2011

  1. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj
  2. Mooves Like Jager- Maroon 5
  3. Champagne Showers- LMFAO
  4. Bucket Full of Sunshine- Natasha Beddingfield
  5. Cheers- Rihanna
  6. Best Thing I Never Had- Beyonce
  7. Tonight Tonight- Hot Chelle Rae
  8. Jumpstart- These Kids Wear Crowns
  9. Rain Over Me- Pitbull ft Marc Anthony
  10. Give Me Everything- Pitbull ft Neyo
  11. Dont Wanna Go Home- Jason Derulo

Thursday, September 15, 2011


The weather at the moment is unbelievably beautiful. There is hardly a cloud in the sky and the breeze is warm. You can definately feel that we are moving closer to summer. I have also noticed that Im not needing as many layers as I used to about a month ago. Ive stopped wearing jackets and sticking to longer sleeved tops and with jeans, or adding a cardigan to shorter sleeved tops. This weekend we are going to be hitting near 26 degrees celsius which mean you will most definately find me sunning on the beach.

This outfit is pulled together with my Jay Jays black skinny jeans, Tightrope white lace shirt, Valleygirl denim vest and Rubi brown sandals. I finished the look off with a brown necklace and diamond look earrings from Equip.

Thursday = Perfect

Salad....But Different

I know I dont usually post about food on here but I had to share my new discovery with the whole entire world... Broccoli and Ham Salad!

I used the base recipe from Savoury Sweet Life and then altered it a little. Firstly I steamed the broccoli slightly so it wasnt too crunchy (I like my Broccoli cooked), then instead of bacon, I used lean ham. I left out the cranberries and sunflower seeds (because I dont like them), and for the dressing I used a low carb ranch from the Paul Newman range found at Coles.

It tasted amazing!!!

And even thought the below picture that I took on my phone, doesnt do it any justice; Im sure you can agree that this salad could easily become a weekly favourite- and its good for the thighs too ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Its Nice To Meet You!!!

Ive been having a look at who my readers are and I have people from alot of different walks of life visiting me and my little blog. Its awesome!! Ive seen that there's people from USA, Russia, Algeria, Japan and Philippines - just to name a few.

I would love to hear from some of you and where you are based and what life is like on that side of the world. Thanks so much for taking time to visit my page. I love what I do and I love my readers :)

Just What We All Need...

Busy busy busy...but I thought I would give your some outfit inspiration with the below collage- enjoy!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Ch Ch Changes...

Notice anything different?- Id be worried if you didnt :)
I decided to change my layout and design for my blog. I was bored of the other one and I think this one is more fresh and pretty. I can also change the background to coincide with seasons etc so I will never get bored again!

What do you think?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spring In My Step

Its Spring!!!! I love it. I am so ready for the next season of fashion, makeup and life in general. The weather is heating up and the beach is looking more and more inviting (heck I may even go after I do this post!).

Ive been hectic with work and uni this week- thus the lack in posts but hopefully I can get it all under control and do more regular posts soon. Below are the outfits that I wore this working week- enjoy :)

Sept Week

Sunday, September 4, 2011


This past weekend was our small group social event. We had an awesome lunch at the local surf club, which over looked the beach. It was such a pretty day too. When we finished lunch, we were given a scavenger hunt challenge. It involved us driving around the city and ticking challenges off a list. First one back to church won. We had an absolute ball! We had things such as taking photos of landmarks, receipts for 2L of petrol, and singing to a stranger for 10 seconds with video evidence.

It seemed the scavenger bug spread, because the following day when I was picked up by my friends for a coffee/catchup, we tried the Iphone version called Geocaching for fun. Apparently people all around the world have this app, and they hide things and leave clues and theres millions to be found. Your mobile acts as a GPS and gives you hot/cold signals. I couldnt believe this actually existed and I can garrauntee that this will be an activity that will be undertaken quite abit by my friends in the near future. The below outfit is what i wore when we went Geocaching. Probably not the best thing to wear whilst scouring shrubbery but I so badly wanted to wear my new skirt- and in my defense I didnt realise I would be hunting :)

Song of the moment: Super Bass by Nicki Minaj