Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nailed It

If you ask my house mate about nail polish, you will find out that I am absolutely obssessed with changing mine up every few days. Several times a week, she will walk out to the lounge room to see my painting my nails a new colour. I cant stand having the same thing for too long- call it ADD but I like to mix it up. Nothing feels fresher to me than a new coast of polish.

I hate winter nail polish, i find it boring and predictable, and tend to be sneaky by wearing creams and whites on my nails, so as not to be too drab, but not too "summery". So now that we are heading into summer, I can finally bring out my bright colours and go mad.

At the moment I have been loving this awesome tangerine colour, that bordering a warm red. The colour is so flattering and goes amazing with a tan. I also like to fall back to my lilac polish by mode as I know it always suits what I wear. I have also been playing around adding glitter to my ring fingers for something different.

This summer I am going to be stepping out of my comfort zone of pinks/reds and trying pale blues, mints, pale yellows and oranges.


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