Thursday, September 15, 2011

Salad....But Different

I know I dont usually post about food on here but I had to share my new discovery with the whole entire world... Broccoli and Ham Salad!

I used the base recipe from Savoury Sweet Life and then altered it a little. Firstly I steamed the broccoli slightly so it wasnt too crunchy (I like my Broccoli cooked), then instead of bacon, I used lean ham. I left out the cranberries and sunflower seeds (because I dont like them), and for the dressing I used a low carb ranch from the Paul Newman range found at Coles.

It tasted amazing!!!

And even thought the below picture that I took on my phone, doesnt do it any justice; Im sure you can agree that this salad could easily become a weekly favourite- and its good for the thighs too ;)

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