Sunday, September 4, 2011


This past weekend was our small group social event. We had an awesome lunch at the local surf club, which over looked the beach. It was such a pretty day too. When we finished lunch, we were given a scavenger hunt challenge. It involved us driving around the city and ticking challenges off a list. First one back to church won. We had an absolute ball! We had things such as taking photos of landmarks, receipts for 2L of petrol, and singing to a stranger for 10 seconds with video evidence.

It seemed the scavenger bug spread, because the following day when I was picked up by my friends for a coffee/catchup, we tried the Iphone version called Geocaching for fun. Apparently people all around the world have this app, and they hide things and leave clues and theres millions to be found. Your mobile acts as a GPS and gives you hot/cold signals. I couldnt believe this actually existed and I can garrauntee that this will be an activity that will be undertaken quite abit by my friends in the near future. The below outfit is what i wore when we went Geocaching. Probably not the best thing to wear whilst scouring shrubbery but I so badly wanted to wear my new skirt- and in my defense I didnt realise I would be hunting :)

Song of the moment: Super Bass by Nicki Minaj


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