Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spring Lusting

Just when I think I have finally bought all that i want for the coming season, I realise that Im a fool, because to be honest, Ill never be satisfied with my wardrobe. There is ALWAYS something to add, and I mean always!! I can however say I am impressed with how much I do have in my wardrobe that I am happy with. Usually its a case of "nothing to wear", but I am happy with my selection. Dont hold your breath for long though.

At the moment I am loving anything that feels like Ive been living in Byron Bay for too long. So straw, cream materials and ripped denim is fantastic. Thankfully I have all the pieces in my wardrobe to acheive my staple 2011 summer look but ofcourse I dont like to stick to one style all the time, so I need to find some additions to mix it up.

Basically anything white is great. A white knee length dress and a white maxi dress is on the list, because come on, what else screams summer more? I would love to pair with denim or bright coloured coverups and wedges and bright BRIGHT jewellery.

I am still deciding on the necisity of this next one, but a tutu inspired skirt would be a cute addition. With a white or black fitted singlet and wedges, this could definately be staple evening outfit for me. Also in the necisity list is a navy stripe top. I think it would go amazing with white shorts, gold sandals, bright necklace and aviators for a relaxed day time look. I just cant seem to find the perfect fit though. The one in my collage below is pretty much exactly what im aiming for.

Covering up in summer is difficult because its too damn hot to wear anything too heavy but ive noticed that Kimono Jackets are big this year. The one below in the collage is exactly what I want. Ofcourse paired with anything denim, this would look amazing, so im on the hunt for this. Also I am wanting a cream or white blazer to smarten up some extemely casual outfits. Thinking paired with denim shorts, floral top and sandals.

Lastly I am really keen to find a white loose cropped jumper to wear at night. I think paired with denim shorts, this look would be perfect for sunset BBQs around the pool or beach. Especially if you can see a peek of a bikini underneath.

I cannot wait for summer!!!

spring Lust

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