Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holy Grail Products

I want to share with you some of my HG products (Holy Grail). These are the products that I cannot survive without. These are skincare/hair/other products that I always have in my cupboard and highly recommend.
The thing that i have been recommending forever now is Nivea Calm and Care deoderants. They are amazing. I used to suffer from the usual bumps after shaving, but when I started using this 2 years ago, it went away and stayed away. I have both the roll-on and spray versions at home. Roll on for after the shower, and spray for not after the shower. Next i swear by heat tamer for damage control and prevention on my hair. Ive tried a couple in the past but Im in love with Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray. It makes my hair feel incredibly soft and I hear alot of other people recommend this too. Next for my hair is dry shampoo. I dont understand what was done before this little baby was invented because its definately magic in a bottle. I use it for volumising my hair, reducing oil and adding texture. I love the Batiste one as the smell isnt too overpowering but definately suggest sticking to the Original as the other variations smell too "candy" for my liking. Hairspray has always been in beauty cupboard and was on of the first things I bought myself in regards to beauty/hair. Ive come to love Sunsilk hairsprays and mainly for the smell. My personal favourite is the pink co-creations one (couldnt find image) but all Sunsilk hairspray smells amazing and does an awesome job with holding my hair. Its not crunchy at all which is a bonus. Skincare has always been abit of a challenge for me. I cant seem to find things that work for me. That is until I found Simple. Its a UK based brand and is developed for sensitive skin types (like myself). I have fallen in love with the Moisurising Facial Wash (below) and the Soothing Toner. Lastly, my recent find is Le Tan Coconut Oil with SPF. The one i have at home is SPF30+ which is awesome for the Australian sun. The oil smell INCREDIBLE and is summer in a bottle. It helps with getting an awesome golden tan without getting burnt- #winning!! :)
What are you're holy grail items in the beauty cupboard?

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