Monday, January 23, 2012

Victoria & Sydney Vacation

Over the Christmas Holiday period, I went on a little vacation. I went to Southern Victoria to see relatives, and then up to Sydney again for relatives, then to Canberra for a friends wedding. Below are some snaps of my trip :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Summer Accesorries- Headbands

I am a big fan of the headbands around at the moment. I think they are so vintage looking and eclectic. Very much the style that I am into right now. Feathers, flowers and beads are the big things in head bands right now and they are such a great way to update any outfit this summer. I cant say that I would particularly wear the big feathered tribal headpiece (too big) but the inspiration behind is is fantastic. I would probably setting on a smaller version. Turbans are great for bad hair days and daisy chains are so cute at beach or festival. You can even wear an adorable diamante headband to add style to an evening ensemble. Below are some of my best picks...


Spell hair accessory, $135
Forever 21 pearl hair accessory, $5.80
Hair accessory, $26
Cotton scarve, £12
Tasha hair accessory, $24
Dorothy Perkins flower hair accessory, $4
Feather hair accessory
BCBG Max Azria hair bow accessory, $68
Peacock feather hair accessory, $48
GALA Curios flower hair accessory, £209
Tasha 'My Main Braid' Head Wrap, $38

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fashion Icon- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Yes i know- Its been awhile since I posted a Fashion Icon post. I got slack, no excuses.
So to bring "Fashion Icon" into 2012 Im going to refer you to one of the biggest icons at the moment, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. If you dont know who she is, she starred in the latest installment of Transformers and she is also the girlfriend of action hero Jason Statham (Transporters, Bank Job).
Even if you dont know who she is, I can garrauntee that once you see some of her outfits below, you will be scrambling to view her millions of other ensembles that are constantly reported on in magazine and fashion websites alike. Below are 5 of my favourite looks from her. She has this awesome eclectic/street look to her style.
Rosie Huntington

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Purple Lace

Just a regular day of work today. Nothing exciting to report on. Below is my outfit of today. I bought a crochet crop top from Supre of all places. Usually I avoid that place like a plague. I was scarred as a teenager, when they were in their prime of loud hawaiin prints and tacky fabrics. I must admit, the place is a little better than circa 2004 but I still limit my time in the store. I really am not a fan of picking up a printed piece of clothing or out there style skirt only to realise that I look like every other teenager on the planet. Mass production.... hmm.

I have in the last year picked up a coral knit oversized sweater and the odd plain tank top, but when i came across this crochet top in the window, I had to get it. I realise that crochet crop tops are every where at the moment but vintage is my thing at the moment- so screw it. I wanted it :P
I teamed it over a grey tank top and black skinny jeans. I dressed it down with my black havies (havaianas) and put a purple cardigan in my bag for when the office gets too chilly (which is ALWAYS). I then finsihed the look with my new white rope necklace with white drop stone and gold/pearl bangles.

As mentioned in the past, I cant justify spending a crap load of money on clothes, jewellery and shoes. Blame my mother on that one- she is the bargain queen! I have my few pieces of sentimental necklaces and bracelets that i wear every day, but ontop of that I shop at Diva, Equip, Lovisa and Colette for on trend costuime jewellery. For clothes, I stick to Jay Jays, Temt, Valleygirl, Cotton On- occasionally Sportsgirl and on the rare occasion I go op shopping (which I want to do more of this year).

You will not find me wearing the likes of Sass&Bide, One Teaspoon, Milk&Honey or those of High End calibre. I love their pieces and respect their work, but I just dont have the money to spend that big. Meaning that the chances of seeing me rocking a Marc Jacobs or Gucci Dress are pretty much zero. I think the only time you will see me in designer clothes is if I get it in a consignment store or from Ebay :P (but a girl can dream right?)

So until I make it big one day in the makeup or fashion world, I keep to picking out cute clothes from reasonably priced stores and make them my own with accessories :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globes 2012

Well the award season for 2012 was kicked of this past Sunday with a big bang. As usual, the red carpet is where my attention is held, and really couldnt care less about inside the theatre (apart from the occasional funny videos that pop up of acceptance speeches). This year was very divided in the fashion spectrum. There were some really stunners out there, but just as many people failed miserably.

Firstly the standouts. My personal favourite was Emma Stone. I thought that the colour of her dress was absolutelys stunning against her milky complexion and the style was so dreamy. I also thought that Helen Mirren looked amazing and very appropriate. I think that woman could rock anything and look impeccable. I also though that Heidi Klum, although slightly underdressed, looked so fresh and summery and could never mark her wrong. Honorable mention also goes to Sarah Hyland and Jessica Alba for their nude/blush dresses, which seemed to be a trend this year. Still on nude dresses with Charlize Theron and that amazing design. Like alot have said, only she could pull it off. Sophia Vergara looked radiant in a peacock blue mermaid dress which was also a trend for the evening. Lastly, I thought that Diana Agron pulled of such an killer colour with the coral red dress and matching red lips.

First Row: Emma Stone, Helen Mirren
Second Row: Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba
Third Row: Charlize Theron, Sophia Vergara
Fourth Row: Diana Agron, Sarah Hyland
GG2012 1

gg2012 2

Next I would like to shift my focus to the ladies who, well.... need a new stylist. There were some shockers this year, and I must say that they were pulled by some generally very stylish ladies. Now this is just my opinion, so please dont get offended if you like one of the below. Firstly, the worst of the worst, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Word is that she let her child pick out her dress this year, and this is definately evident. Bad BAD Michelle. Speaking Michelles, Lea Michelle pulled out a horrible dress this year. It aged her terribly and frankly looked slutty. Angelina Jolie is appearing to be getting on the best dressed lists this year with her dress but I honestly hate it. Being as skinny as she is, I think the nude silk just makes her look scrawny and the colour makes her look washed out. Natalie Portman and Amy Pohler honestly looked frumpy. The colour and fit of Amys dress was not flattering at all, and I think Natalie looks like she has come from her 90s prom. Lastly, although it is a cute design, I hate the colour of Zoe Deschanel's dress. Lime green on the red capet??? Bad bad bad choice.

Top: Zoe Deschanel, Amy Pohler, Sarah Michelle Gellar
Bottom: Angelina Jolie, Lea Michelle, Natalie Portman


What did you think of the fashion at this years Golden Globes?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer Accessories- Bags

Time for the next post in the Summer Accessories series, and this time I am going to tackle the wonderful world of bags.
I have to say my taste has definately changed in the past 12 months. I started off as a fan of large hand bags. You know the "IT bags" that would be spotted on the arms of Nicole Richie and the Olsen Twins.... most commonly the Hermes Birkin, Marc Jacobs Stam, Chloe Paraty and Balenciaga City....the bigger the better.
Then I got into the messenger bag, like the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag.
However, right now I am loving the shoulder bags. Some faves are the Marc Jacobs Bianca Jane, Chloe Sally and the Proenza Schouler PS11. Im also loving little clutches for the evening. Below is a collage of some other bags Im loving for summer, besides the above mentioned.

J Crew clutch handbag, $118
Marc Jacobs shoulder strap bag, $575
Silk clutch, £50
Rebecca Minkoff leather handbag, $325
Monsoon vintage handbag, £25
Dsquared cotton handbag, $357
Mar Y Sol beach tote bag, $125
Lucky Brand cross body shoulder bag, $89
Alexander McQueen leather satchel handbag, $725
Abas leather handbag, €155
Friis Company shoulder handbag, €24
Diane von F├╝rstenberg clutch handbag, £259
Red clutch, $30

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shea Marie

Ok, so Ive recently come across a blog, and its safe to say that I am OBSSESSED with it. The blog is called Cheyenne Meets Chanel. It is written by Californian girl, Shea Marie. I LOVE her style. Its so relaxed and vintage. Completely what I am into at the moment. I have been exploring her blog for the past 24 hours and I cant stop. I am pulling so many ideas from her outfits and I think she is my 2012 inspo for sure. Please PLEASE check her out. I can promise you, that you wont be disappointed with this gem of a blog. Below are some pictures of my favourite looks from her.

All images are taken from and all right go back to Shea Marie.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Summer Accessories- Sunglasses

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Wow, its been a hectic few weeks. Its definately been a jam packed month of ups and downs and now we are in 2012! Can you believe it? I remember when I was younger, and would look ahead to the this year and think it would never come. Im so excited to see what happens over the next 12 months with life. So far I have work and uni studies on the calendar. I would love to throw in a cruise with the family and possibly start planning a trip to New York. I seriously just want to 2012 to be a year of enjoying myself and focusing on being the best version of me.

So this past two weeks since Christmas, I have been on holidays. I ventured over the east coast of Australia, visiting family and friends. I first went to Mornington Peninsula in Victoria to see my Aunty, Uncle and 4 year old cousin. I then went to Sydney for New Years and to stay with another Aunty and Uncle. Then I bused it down to Canberra with my sister, Ainsley to attend the wedding of a friend. Then my brother, sister, and sister-in-law roadtripped it back home. So I am now back at work and back into normal life (as normal as possible) and I behold yet another summer series for you :)

We have already looked at summer jewellery, summer swimwear and summer events.. now i want to look at summer accessories.

First up is sunglasses. I am definately a fan of aviators the most. I love the relaxed look of them and how they scream summer. I just get frustrated with the nose resters though. They get caught in my hair alot, and therefore dont wear them as often as I would like to. I also love the classic large square framed glasses in a glossy black. They are the easiest to wear in my opinion and go with every outfit. I have also dabbled in other styles in the past. Wayfarers are a favourite although I dont own a pair at the moment. I also like a random crazy colours for a pop of something different. Below are some of my picks for this summer.

ASOS metal shades, $22
Oliver Peoples keyhole sunglasses, $365
Tom Ford acetate sunglasses, $176
Vintage style sunglasses, £264
Ray-Ban metal shades, $145
Summer shades, £12
Marni sunglasses, $277
Matthew Williamson gradient lens sunglasses, $163
Mango cat eye sunglasses, £17
Aubin & Wills round sunglasses, £298
Carrera shades
Retro Super Future Sun Glasses- Classic Havana Glitter w/Gold, by..., $195
Roxy plastic shades, $50
Ray-Ban ray ban shades
House of Harlow 1960 retro style sunglasses, $169