Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globes 2012

Well the award season for 2012 was kicked of this past Sunday with a big bang. As usual, the red carpet is where my attention is held, and really couldnt care less about inside the theatre (apart from the occasional funny videos that pop up of acceptance speeches). This year was very divided in the fashion spectrum. There were some really stunners out there, but just as many people failed miserably.

Firstly the standouts. My personal favourite was Emma Stone. I thought that the colour of her dress was absolutelys stunning against her milky complexion and the style was so dreamy. I also thought that Helen Mirren looked amazing and very appropriate. I think that woman could rock anything and look impeccable. I also though that Heidi Klum, although slightly underdressed, looked so fresh and summery and could never mark her wrong. Honorable mention also goes to Sarah Hyland and Jessica Alba for their nude/blush dresses, which seemed to be a trend this year. Still on nude dresses with Charlize Theron and that amazing design. Like alot have said, only she could pull it off. Sophia Vergara looked radiant in a peacock blue mermaid dress which was also a trend for the evening. Lastly, I thought that Diana Agron pulled of such an killer colour with the coral red dress and matching red lips.

First Row: Emma Stone, Helen Mirren
Second Row: Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba
Third Row: Charlize Theron, Sophia Vergara
Fourth Row: Diana Agron, Sarah Hyland
GG2012 1

gg2012 2

Next I would like to shift my focus to the ladies who, well.... need a new stylist. There were some shockers this year, and I must say that they were pulled by some generally very stylish ladies. Now this is just my opinion, so please dont get offended if you like one of the below. Firstly, the worst of the worst, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Word is that she let her child pick out her dress this year, and this is definately evident. Bad BAD Michelle. Speaking Michelles, Lea Michelle pulled out a horrible dress this year. It aged her terribly and frankly looked slutty. Angelina Jolie is appearing to be getting on the best dressed lists this year with her dress but I honestly hate it. Being as skinny as she is, I think the nude silk just makes her look scrawny and the colour makes her look washed out. Natalie Portman and Amy Pohler honestly looked frumpy. The colour and fit of Amys dress was not flattering at all, and I think Natalie looks like she has come from her 90s prom. Lastly, although it is a cute design, I hate the colour of Zoe Deschanel's dress. Lime green on the red capet??? Bad bad bad choice.

Top: Zoe Deschanel, Amy Pohler, Sarah Michelle Gellar
Bottom: Angelina Jolie, Lea Michelle, Natalie Portman


What did you think of the fashion at this years Golden Globes?


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