Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Purple Lace

Just a regular day of work today. Nothing exciting to report on. Below is my outfit of today. I bought a crochet crop top from Supre of all places. Usually I avoid that place like a plague. I was scarred as a teenager, when they were in their prime of loud hawaiin prints and tacky fabrics. I must admit, the place is a little better than circa 2004 but I still limit my time in the store. I really am not a fan of picking up a printed piece of clothing or out there style skirt only to realise that I look like every other teenager on the planet. Mass production.... hmm.

I have in the last year picked up a coral knit oversized sweater and the odd plain tank top, but when i came across this crochet top in the window, I had to get it. I realise that crochet crop tops are every where at the moment but vintage is my thing at the moment- so screw it. I wanted it :P
I teamed it over a grey tank top and black skinny jeans. I dressed it down with my black havies (havaianas) and put a purple cardigan in my bag for when the office gets too chilly (which is ALWAYS). I then finsihed the look with my new white rope necklace with white drop stone and gold/pearl bangles.

As mentioned in the past, I cant justify spending a crap load of money on clothes, jewellery and shoes. Blame my mother on that one- she is the bargain queen! I have my few pieces of sentimental necklaces and bracelets that i wear every day, but ontop of that I shop at Diva, Equip, Lovisa and Colette for on trend costuime jewellery. For clothes, I stick to Jay Jays, Temt, Valleygirl, Cotton On- occasionally Sportsgirl and on the rare occasion I go op shopping (which I want to do more of this year).

You will not find me wearing the likes of Sass&Bide, One Teaspoon, Milk&Honey or those of High End calibre. I love their pieces and respect their work, but I just dont have the money to spend that big. Meaning that the chances of seeing me rocking a Marc Jacobs or Gucci Dress are pretty much zero. I think the only time you will see me in designer clothes is if I get it in a consignment store or from Ebay :P (but a girl can dream right?)

So until I make it big one day in the makeup or fashion world, I keep to picking out cute clothes from reasonably priced stores and make them my own with accessories :)

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