Saturday, October 13, 2012

Emmys 2012

This year the fashion at the Emmys was very bright and summery (which was a stark contrast to last year. See here).

Yellow was very popular with many celebrities rocking the colour from Leslie Man to Julie Bowen to Kaley Cuoco. Citrus in general was very popular with corals and oranges.
My personal favourites of the night were Claire Danes looking very pregnant and glowing, and Kelly Osbourne, because lets face it, who else could rock purples hair, lips and dress?

The shape of the night was origami. The folds int he dresses this year were amazing and gravity defying. There also was not much in the form of print and texture with most people sticking to one vibrant shade.

Below are a few of my favourite looks of the night.

Emmys 2012

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