Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas: Adult Siblings

If you are lucky enough to have sibblings like I do, you will know how amazing they are. You do everything imaginable with them from eating together, playing together and going through every life event with them and they are like your own bestfriends that live with you.

Unfortunately, I dont live with my sibblings anymore but now that we are all grown up, we actually value our time together and opinions and advice, and seriously, nothing beats quality time with your brother or sister right?

Like I said, my sibblings are all grown up now with them ranging from 16-23 (Im the eldest) so obviously the gifts need to be age appropriate. This post will be on gifts for adult sibblings and can pretty be suitable for anyone from 16-30.

First the brother Tim. Tim is pretty trendy and is really into his music. He is a guitarist so guitar picks would a great idea, or even an ipod dock so he can just relax and listen to his music. My brother also loves his black Rayban Wayfarers... but always breaks them. Some other ideas would be DVDs of his favourite movies, clothes and maybe even a bottle of his favourite alcohol if he likes his drink (Tim not so much)
Brother xmas

I have two little sisters Ainz and Court who are freakin incredible. They have very similar taste to me. One sister has identical taste with a love for vintage and the other is more into bright quirky things, so they are very easy to buy for. I also have a sister inlaw (brothers wife) who is equally as incredible, and has a little bit more of a modern taste.

So whilst very different in themes, the general taste is the same.. ie music, shows, clothes etc...
So for my sisters, I would always go for jewellery first. Something from Diva or Collette for something trendy. All my sisters love their technology so a cute phone case is a safe option . Also, considering Im a makeup artist, they always appreciate a makeup gift like a palette or brushes. Other ideas include perfumes, swimwear, scented candles (we love caramel and indulgent smells) bags and you could even go for something really sentimental like an engraved bangle. BFFs!

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