Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas: Parents

Im going to christmas-fy myself this year like nobodies business... Im talking christmas ringtones, decorations on work desk, house decked with tree and bling and carols playing ALL the time. No one is going to mistaken what time of year it is... NO ONE!! :)

I love Christmas and everything that it stands for. I love the atmospher, the time you spend with family, christmas parties, carols and gifts.. and I especially love the Christmas story and events my church puts on. Did i mention I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!???

Last year I put together some posts on christmas outfits and really thats it... Im going to now Christmas-fy my blog :)

So first up, gifts... geez its hard to think of something cool and original to give to someone. I always have a brain freeze at christmas time, after spending all year trying to store up my gift bank in my head with ideas... never works.

Anyway here is my gift ideas for those certain people in your life that you have/want to buy gifts for. There are the sibblings, the grandparents, housemates, bestfriends, work secret santa, house party hosts, partners and most importantly (atleast I think) parents. I LOVE MY PARENTS.
So I thought I would kick off my Christmas posts with ideas on what to get your parents.

Firstly Dad.... ohh my Dad is the coolest. Im talking the hip, teacher/electric guitar playing dad.
I usually end up getting him clothes because its the easiest thing to get him and I know what size he is.. and it means I have a say in what he wears :P
Gift ideas for dad include the typical cologne, clippers, socks and facial kit... but here some things to think about... what makes your dad, your dad? My dad is about coffee for aslong as I can remember, he also loves orange flavoured chocolates.... and embarressingly, he carries a manbag around with him.... so why not give him a new coffee machine? or a cool bag which you wouldnt be ashamed to have him carry around? 
Dad mXmas

Then there is my Mummy. She is the most beautiful, caring, loving mum in the world (we all say that dont we :)) But seriously my mum is mega hot and hip and I really dont know how I ended up with such cool parents!! Fo shiz!
So, mumma, she loves pearls, so I thought why not a cool twist on pearl earrings? Some other traditional gifts for mum include, perfume, candles, makeup bag. Does your mum like to cook? My mum does.. what about a kitchen aide mixer? or a cook book? Is she trendy? How about a new scarf... or go all out and get her a funky new handbag... they seem to carry everything with them, so get something big but cute.
Mummy xmas

Let me know of your gift ideas for your parents? xx

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