Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year everyone!!

I am so looking forward to 2013. Last year unfortunately had a few trials in it and I am looking forward to a fresh year with new and exciting plans.

Couple of things that I am looking forward to in 2013 include Pink Concert in August, Teddy Geiger is bringing out his new album (been 6 years since last one), getting to live the uni lifestyle again, and most exciting is that I AM GOING TO BE AUNTY!! My brother announced they are expecting their first child in August so I am stoked for that. Aunty Julz is all ready to spoil the kid rotten :)

As per every new year, I fill out a questionairre on how the year went. Pretty sure I have done it every year since I was 18 (7 years) and I think it is on Myspace, and I just got back in every year and fill out. Helps me appreciate what I have been through this past year.

Anyway I want to share it with you an edited version this year.

1) Where did you begin 2012?
In Sydney with my Aunty and Uncle, having a BBQ at one of their friends houses on the river. Actually fell asleep on a guest bed at their house and woke up 10 mins before midnight lol..... I was tired!!

2) What was your status by Valentine's Day?
I did not have a valentines. I actually had a date lined up for the night but he stood me up- because he was sunburned :S fail!

3) Biggest accomplishment of the year?
Studying to be a Makeup Artist. Graduated in August :) :)

4) How did you earn your money?
I had several jobs this year, first in a communications office, 2nd working with jumping castles, and 3rd working for an energy company. Also did some free work as a Makeup Artist.

5) Did you go on a holiday?
Yes, well in Dec 2011 I went on a trip around the east side of Aus to visit family and I didnt get home till around the 8th Jan so I guess thats counted. Also went back to Sydney in May and again in Nov.

6) Biggest purchase of the year?
I bought my car. My baby. Black 2006 mazda6. LOVE IT!!!

7) Any Weddings?
Elia & Matt, Sarah & Michael, Glen & Sarah... I think thats it. Some other people in my church got married but no one I was close with.

8) Did you know anybody who passed away?
Unfortunately yes, my brother-in-law who I sadly didnt get to know very well, and my Aunt in USA.  

9) What concerts/shows did you go to?
GOOD CHARLOTTE!!! Holllaaaaaa

10) Describe your birthday.
My birthday was epic this year. My parents threw me a Black/Gold/Pearl themed party at their house and all my friends came. It was so much fun.

11) What's one thing you thought you'd never do but did in 2012?
Finally go to a concert. Buy a new car. Move back home.

12) What has been your favorite moment?
Standing in the middle of Good Charlotte with my bestfriend and soaking in the atmosphere..... and then the 5km walk afterwards back to our cars haha

13) What's something you learned about yourself?
That I am resillient. Ive been pushed back a few times this year but I keep pushing forward.

14) Any new additions to your family?
Sarah married my "little brother" Glen. So i guess thats counted.

15) What music will you remember 2008 by?
Gangnam Style- Psy
Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepson
Turn All The Lights On- T-Pain
One Direction
Justice Crew
Ed Sheeran

16) Most Addictive TV Series?
The Vampire Diaries, 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 16 And Pregnant

17) Made new friends?
Hmm Simone, Stui, Kendall, Michael, John, Renee, Rad

18) Favorite Night out?
Seeing Good Charlotte with Chelsea
19) Looking forward to in 2013
Being an Aunty
20) New Years Resolution
Get fit & Lose weight. Do more makeup and go on a holiday.
and finally here some pictures to reminise on the good times of 2012.




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