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Golden Globes 2013: Best Dressed

Welcome to 2013. New year, new goals and new blog.
I plan on changing the feel of the blog over the next month, and with that, a new structure. I want to have a new post every day (or few days) but Ill get to that in another post...

The Golden Globes were held today in Los Angeles, where the weather was uncharactaristically chilly, according to the live E! coverage that I watched this morning (I live in Australia).
Apparently, there was a buzz going around about how everyone would be wearing colour on the carpet this year, and I think this 'word' absolutely drowned any chance colour this year with the ladies opting for more monochramatic gowns, to buck the trend.... fail.... a trend was instead created.

This year my favourites gowns fall into 3 categories; white, black and colour.

I am also going to have 2 other posts on fashion fails and then my favourite hair/makeup looks. So hold tight!

White was definately a trend this year. Less bridal, more jaw dropping. Julianne Hough... well the name in itself is a knockout, Julianne is obviously an amazing name!! The dress, by Monique Lhuillier, was so beautiful, with toule and gems and layers going here and there. It would have been very easy for the dress to overwhelm her but she pulled it off so well. Also in white was Amanda Seyfried in this stunning Givenchy gown.  It was panelled in places and sheer in others. It hugged her in all the right places and it was heaven! I think Hayden Panettiere, who wore Roberto Cavalli, killed it this year. Her dress was fitted in the body and kicked out below the knee into this chifon-y mermaid train. She looked so fresh and the dress was very age appropriate.

White Golden Globes 2013

Next were the black gowns, and leading the pack was Katherine McPhee in Theyskens' Theory. That plunging neckline and the peek-a-boo leg slit all combined for the most stunningly sexy dress. Her body was absolutely banging in it too. What I would do for her figure! Nicole Kidman some how got on the best dressed list. What happened? Apparently her stint playing Grace Kelly brought back her interest in fashion, and thankyou goodness for that. Welcome back! She looked amazing in this black dress from Alexander McQueen. It was like a faux two-piece with a solid back top and skirt and a sheer, bedazzled mid section. Her body is also in fine form, so this dress sat perfectly on her, and can I also say that she is 45!!! Seriously, come on now!! Giuliana Rancic was reporting on the red carpet looks but she definately killed it with her gown too. This artwork of a dress was by Celia Kritharioti, a greek designer, and it was insane! That neckline was so intricate and was a nod to the gothic trend from yester-year which I hope makes a come back. I havent seen it in trend forcasts that Ive read, but fingers crossed. Finally, Kate Hudson, red carpet royalty. She looked divine in Alexander McQueen. I must say that I feel like I have seen this style on her before but it just suits her. The fitted, almost jersey-like material, with a keyhole peep at the front and long sleeves. Her body is rockin' as well, especially for a mamma. She looked so fresh and vibrant.

Black GG 13

Last in the gown category is colour.. and to be honest its not like my picks are all bright. Firstly I have Taylor Swift in Donna Karen. I must admit that I am not usually a fan of her red carpet looks. She always looks too pretty and girly and almost tweenie, but today she looked HOT! Taylor grew up, finally! She was a little rock'n'roll and a little sexy. This deep plum dress was all business in the front and absolutely bare in the back. I dont think I have ever seen her take such a risk and I love her for this. Her hair also was different with it pulled up and slicked slightly to go with the rock/sexy theme, and she didnt do red lips!!! Next was Jennifer Lawrence, the woman of the night, wearing Dior. I heard there was a lot of talk and a big divide on this dress. I personally loved it and think she absolutely shone in this outfit. The red of the dress conmplimented her skin tone so well, and that belt really pulled the look together. I also liked how her hair was a more warm/light brown than she normally wears. She just looked radiant, and so she should, she got best actress! Last on the best dressed this year, is Emily Blunt in Michael Kors. I dont know what it is exactly that I love about this dress. I think its the strange colour. Ive never seen it on the carpet before. Its almost mustard but a pastel version. The beading is to die for and the cut is so daring yet demure. I love it.

colour GG 13

Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3.. coming soon.

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