Thursday, February 7, 2013

SAG Awards 2013: Hair & Makeup

Hair and Makeup this year was a stand out for me.
I love how most had flawless skin with either a dramatic eye or bold lip. Some even took a risk and did both, and in my opinion, one or two killed it.

So below in order from top is Jennifer Lawrence. She nailed it with emphasizing both the lips and the eyes. The eyes arent too overwhelming with a soft grey smokey eye, paired with a ruby red lip. I think some extra care does need to be taken with Jennifer so as not make her look like she has a lazy eye, which it did look like in some photos.

Julianne Moore showed up with flawless porcelain skin and natural features. I think this look is perfect because on ageing skin, the more natural the makeup, the younger you look, and also her red hair often is the centre of attention.

Claire Danes was the absolute winner for me this year. I cant fault the makeup, with the brown smokey eyes and burgandy lip. It is absolute perfection!! Also her hair is in my favourite upstyle of a loose chignon which ties the whole look together.

Jaimie Alexander and Maria Menounos both rocked the smokey eye this year and nude lip. Both paired it with polished updos which finished the looks off perfectly.

Lastly, Nina Dobrev did a makeup look that I havent seen on her often. It was soft, almost natural and she actually had bangs in her hair. She never has any front pieces and she is always sports a harsh centre part or high bun. So I think she looks amazing with this different look.

SAG 2013 HairMakeup

Onto the fails for hair and makeup. There was three standouts for me, starting with Rose Byrne. I dont know what happened here but her hair is flat, and her eyes are smudgy, but mostly its the hair for me. It looks greasy and slicked against her head but not in a cute 1920s way. I can see what she was going for here but it didnt work.
Next is January Jones. Now she doesnt usually make it on the best dressed lists for me, but she sure doesnt make it on the worst dress lists either. She usually plays it safe and flys under the radar and after this attempt of attention, I think she should stick to safety. I think the makeup could have been nice had it been paired with a better hairdo but oh my goodness... no words. That hair...seriously no words... fire your hairdresser.

Lastly is Kaley Cuoco. I hate to have her on this list because I love her. She is so funny and doesnt take herself seriously and is on one of the best shows on TV. But this look makes her looks like she is 50. Where did those lines come from? The black liner drags her eyes down to look droopy, and the makeup is on too thick. Also the hair just looks like a wig. I hope she can pull it together for next time because she just seem so nice and is so naturally pretty.

Well this is my wrap up for the 2013 SAG Awards. More award shows to come soon and more posts on fashion and beauty in general :)

SAG Hair Bad

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