Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Winter Staples

I've hated not updating this blog for the last couple of months. University has completely taken up my focus. And when I'm not studying or painting, I'm turning my brain off with television shows like The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and Hart of Dixie.

Although I'm right in the very middle of my assessment week, I need to focus on something else for an hour, so that I wouldn't go insane. So I thought I would give you guys an update.

So its pretty freezing at the moment here in Australia (well parts). As you would know, I am a massive fan of the cooler seasons, as its when I feel like I can play around the most with my wardrobe. Plus I like feeling all cosy in bed or on the couch in my comfy bed socks :)

So for this post, I wanted to talk about what has been on high rotation in my wardrobe this past couple of week since the cold front hit.

So first up is my khaki jacket. Mine is made of raincoat material so its fantastic when the weather is looking a little wet. The tone of the green manages to go with every outfit as well. Summer dresses are a massive staple in my wardrobe but I team with  more wintery items to get the most out of them. I love pairing them with stocking or leggings, biker boots, scarves and big cardigan for an outfit that's effortless chic.

Brown boots have been a recent addition to my wardrobe and I'm loving how the unexpected brown adds character, but still look like they belong to the outfits. Chunky knits are a great way of looking smart-casual but warm, and I love pairing them with jeans or even over a skater skirt and stockings. Scarves are my staple for winter, and I have many colours to compliment most outfits. Chambray shirts are great for adding street cred to your outfit instead of a cardigan or jacket. Its not the warmest of outerwear so I keep this for warmer days.

I live in my hoodies. I sleep in them, I wear them around the house, and considering I'm a uni student, home is where I spent most of my days :) Something else that I live in, that I didn't add in the picture below are cardigans. I have all colours to match most outfits and they  are so warm and comfortable on those days where structured jackets just aren't your ideal choice.
Stockings are great for when I want to wear my summer dresses and skirts. I use stockings to team up with my favourite pair of biker boots. These biker boots rough up any outfit that I feel is too girly. Unfortunately mine are starting to break, so I need to find some more asap.

Dark nails are a must for me in the winter. I change mine up every few days and alternate between greys, reds, browns and black. I feel naked without nail polish on. Leggings are the most versatile item in my wardrobe. They never get a rest, no matter what time of year it is. I wear them almost every day alongside my hoodies. But they can be paired with skirts, dresses and longer tops to create casual outfits with boots and sneakers. I even wear them under cocktail dresses with heels for a more dressy outfit. Summer tops are great for layering under cardigans and jackets. And finally coloured jeans are a must in my wardrobe. I throw on sandals or boots with cardigans and jackets for an every day look.

Winter Line Up

I hope that update was worth the long wait and hopefully Ill be back blogging more regularly soon. I hand in my last assessment on the 4th of June, and don't have any plans as of yet for the holidays. So if that stays the same, then Ill be back blogging as of the 5th June :)

Keep safe and thanks for staying loyal

Love Julz xx

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