Monday, June 24, 2013

Pretty Little Liars

I am a little hooked on Pretty Little Liars at the moment. Im up to season 3, which I know is a little behind... but Im getting there :)

I love the fashion on the show (and the guy candy) so I put together a little something special for those who enjoy the show and fashion as well.

Ive showcased the main four girls from the show and a typical outfit of theirs. I have Spencer, who wears alot of preppy outfits, riding boots, knee high socks and plaid. Then we have Aria who wears alot of handmade/crafted pieces, with a rock influence. Hanna is the high fashion lover of the group; always sporting a new Proenza handbag, chic blazers and flirty dresses. Finally Emily is the casual trendy girl of the bunch. She was originally found to be in alot of denim and tshirts, but lately can be seen wearing boots, jackets and trendy accessories.



Aria by lovejulzxx featuring a cuff bracelet



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