Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Winter Fun- Sight Seeing

In light of my nearing holiday, I wanted to showcase outfit ideas for sight-seeing. There are so many different places to go sightseeing in either metropolitan areas or more rural areas, so I wanted to give two options, to cater for your destination.

The first look is for those going sight seeing in major towns and cities. Whether you are having a cultural day experience in museums and galleries or going to look at cafes and shopping districts, this outfit should get you through perfectly. Out of the two, this is closest to something I would wear, and is actually something I plan to wear next week when I visit the city. When I know I will be walking around alot, I like to wear leggings or stockings, as I find that jeans and pants can get somewhat uncomfortable after awhile.

Biker boots are great for walking around in, as they have awesome support for tired and sore feet. I love the khaki jacket (which is identical the one in my wardrobe) as it adds street cred, warmth and comfort, all in one go!
A satchel bag is always great for sightseeing, as when you are in a city that you unfamiliar with and when you are holding money and documents, its great to have a bag that is strapped around your body. I hate walking around busy cities with a bag hooked around my elbow... I just feel unsafe. Sunnies are a must, and the best types are the ones without nose hooks (like on aviators) because I always find myself sliding them up and down off my head, and nothing is worse than getting those caught in your hair :(
sight 1

Next outfit idea is for those who are perhaps going to a small rural town, beach town or farm-scape.
Jeans are always great in these instances. I always find that I spend alot of time in a car either driving to each location, or on four wheel driving adventures. So I think a nice stretchy pair of jeans are great in this instance, as you never know when you are going to have to jump out and climb over some rocks, or help the car out of a ditch. Checked shirts are a little stereotypical of farm wear, but I just love a good checked shirt. They are very on trend at the moment and they are generally pretty warm on those cold days. I also added a nice neutral jumper to throw over the shirt when the days get a a little colder. Boots will always be a comfy choice when trekking any rough terrain and aviator sunnies are safe option for this type of trip as the majority of the time would be in the car or outdoors.

Let me know which option you would pick on your next sight-seeing holiday!
Sight Seeing 2

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trend: Camo Inspired

Camo and camo shades are very on trend this winter ( and the up coming summer). I've seen it popping up everywhere lately and I'm so glad because one of my favourite jackets is a khaki anorak. To be honest, khaki has been around for some seasons now, but the actual print of camo is massive, especially on jackets and pants. I love the new camo anoraks with studs and distressing. Its so cool and effortlessly chic, and can make any outfit appear that much cooler. I also love skinny jeans in the camo print.

Camo shades such as olives and moss greens are such a great neutral base for any outfit and the colouring is so flattering on most figures. It creates a great line, like most dark shades do, but the colour also lifts the skins complexion, therefore not leaving you washed out, like black can sometimes do.

Of course, as with any trend, its best to pick one piece of the outfit to sport a print or colour, as you can end up looking like you're wearing a uniform, which is a big no-no! So, here are some great camo inspired pieces that you can add to your wardrobe.
Trend: Army Inspired

Monday, July 22, 2013

Winter Fun- Movies

Movies are the best. I love nothing more than going to the cinema with a big popcorn and losing myself for a good two hours in a fantasy land. I honestly prefer going to the cinema with friends and family, but dates can also be fun at the cinemas.

Although there is nothing more awkward that going on a first date at the cinemas where you both sitting in silence, whilst trying to work out what the other person is like, and whether they will hold your hand... and then you miss most of the movie cos your worrying too much....... Okay, back to fashion!

The cinema is sometimes a difficult location for choose what to wear. Will I be cold? Will I see people I know? Am i going to meet someone cute or just with friends? Should I just wear my trackies?

Well I can clear up the last one for you.... NO! Don't wear your trackies! Just don't and save yourself the humiliation. You will always (and I mean always!!) run into that guy when you don't want to- its the laws of nature.

So what do you wear? Well I have a trusted little outfit that will get you through.

Leggings + slouchy jumper + statement necklace + cute flats = foolproof outfit.

The leggings provide warmth in those over air conditioned rooms, while still being super comfortable. The slouchy jumper provides the same comforts, and if you choose a black jumper you can still look very slim (and it will hide any food spillages!) The statement necklace adds a little bit of glam to the outfit, as well as the cute black ballet flats.

You will have no issues running into that cute guy at the cinemas now! Enjoy the film!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trend: Contrast Sleeves

Ive been noticing a trend, especially for winter, that looks really cool. I haven't jumped on the bandwagon myself yet, but that is due to limited cash, not lack of interest.

This trend that I speak of... is the contrast sleeve.

The only way I see this trend being "trendy" is by going with a coloured body and black sleeve. Its the most flattering and most visually appealing (in my humble opinion).

Ive seen some great combinations, like khaki and leather contrasts, denim and black, and then regular colour blocking. Its something different, to give your outfits a little kick, and also lets your play with the layering look (which is always hot), without actually adding layers....because it looks like you are wearing a vest or sleeveless dress over a longer sleeved shirt.

Here are some killer pieces below that you can experiment with in your wardrobe :)

Contrast Sleeves

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Winter Fun: Bonfires

A few summers back I did some posts on outfits to wear to typical summer outings and events. I decided to do a similar one for this winter.

For my first event, I picked bonfire. Living in coastal Queensland it doesn't get frosty or anything but it does still require a jumper to get through the evenings (sad i know). I often wish we had cooler weather so I can wear coats and gloves but it never gets that cold. I hardly get any use from my jackets......

Anyway bonfires... this outfit is for those who are able to enjoy bonfires in the winter time. So ive created an outfit using boyfriend jeans so that its easier to move around and get comfy in. I also added a loose knit jumper to throw over your singlet or tshirt for when the sun goes down. I decided on some canvas sneakers that are functional yet still on trend because there is nothing worse than having cold and dirty feet. Lastly I added a slouch beanie for a little street cred on those super chilly nights. This outfit will provide warmth and comfort without sacrificing any style :) Enjoy- more to come!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fashion Icon: Jennifer Hawkins

Woops... Been awhile again :P Ive been busy this week doing some posts up for you all... so dont fret.

Now please tell me you have heard about the fabulous Jennifer Hawkins? Those outside of Australia may not know her but she is our shining glory to the Miss Universe competition in 2004 and took the crown. Since then she has graced many magazines, adverts and became the face of Myer. So she is pretty massive down here. She recently took on the role of host on Australias Next Top Model... Australia's Tyra Banks :P

Anyway she is gorgeous and lovely and my family met her back in 2006 when she was only emerging, and she was so sweet to them ( I missed out because I was shopping.. der)

So having access to all the designers that anyone could only imagine, has led to her having a sick wardrobe and she has created some killer looks. Below are some examples of her style. She is typically pretty polished in her shapes but amps it up with colour and prints. 

Jennifer Hawkins

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Next Season- Orange

Its interesting to get hold of fashion magazines and blogs that are based in the USA and Europe, because it allows us Aussies to have a glimpse at what is on trend for the next season. I love going through WhoWhatWear.com, Instyle.com and various fashion blogs, to see what everyone is wearing, and then if I like a trend, I try and snag a deal before shops decide to hike the prices up for the consumer hype.

So I'm going to start a post called Next Season, where I share trends with my fellow Aussie fashionistas, so we can all get a leg up on the rest of the trendy population. 

For my first Next Season post, I want to share how orange looks to be a hot shade for summer. Orange was a colour that was showcased in the Resort 2014 collections for Emporio Armani, Versace, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Christian Dior... so its bound to be hot. 

I picked out a few items in the citrus hue to add to your wardrobe for this coming Aussie summer.