Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fashion Icon: Jennifer Hawkins

Woops... Been awhile again :P Ive been busy this week doing some posts up for you all... so dont fret.

Now please tell me you have heard about the fabulous Jennifer Hawkins? Those outside of Australia may not know her but she is our shining glory to the Miss Universe competition in 2004 and took the crown. Since then she has graced many magazines, adverts and became the face of Myer. So she is pretty massive down here. She recently took on the role of host on Australias Next Top Model... Australia's Tyra Banks :P

Anyway she is gorgeous and lovely and my family met her back in 2006 when she was only emerging, and she was so sweet to them ( I missed out because I was shopping.. der)

So having access to all the designers that anyone could only imagine, has led to her having a sick wardrobe and she has created some killer looks. Below are some examples of her style. She is typically pretty polished in her shapes but amps it up with colour and prints. 

Jennifer Hawkins

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