Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trend: Camo Inspired

Camo and camo shades are very on trend this winter ( and the up coming summer). I've seen it popping up everywhere lately and I'm so glad because one of my favourite jackets is a khaki anorak. To be honest, khaki has been around for some seasons now, but the actual print of camo is massive, especially on jackets and pants. I love the new camo anoraks with studs and distressing. Its so cool and effortlessly chic, and can make any outfit appear that much cooler. I also love skinny jeans in the camo print.

Camo shades such as olives and moss greens are such a great neutral base for any outfit and the colouring is so flattering on most figures. It creates a great line, like most dark shades do, but the colour also lifts the skins complexion, therefore not leaving you washed out, like black can sometimes do.

Of course, as with any trend, its best to pick one piece of the outfit to sport a print or colour, as you can end up looking like you're wearing a uniform, which is a big no-no! So, here are some great camo inspired pieces that you can add to your wardrobe.
Trend: Army Inspired

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