Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trend: Contrast Sleeves

Ive been noticing a trend, especially for winter, that looks really cool. I haven't jumped on the bandwagon myself yet, but that is due to limited cash, not lack of interest.

This trend that I speak of... is the contrast sleeve.

The only way I see this trend being "trendy" is by going with a coloured body and black sleeve. Its the most flattering and most visually appealing (in my humble opinion).

Ive seen some great combinations, like khaki and leather contrasts, denim and black, and then regular colour blocking. Its something different, to give your outfits a little kick, and also lets your play with the layering look (which is always hot), without actually adding layers....because it looks like you are wearing a vest or sleeveless dress over a longer sleeved shirt.

Here are some killer pieces below that you can experiment with in your wardrobe :)

Contrast Sleeves

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