Thursday, July 18, 2013

Winter Fun: Bonfires

A few summers back I did some posts on outfits to wear to typical summer outings and events. I decided to do a similar one for this winter.

For my first event, I picked bonfire. Living in coastal Queensland it doesn't get frosty or anything but it does still require a jumper to get through the evenings (sad i know). I often wish we had cooler weather so I can wear coats and gloves but it never gets that cold. I hardly get any use from my jackets......

Anyway bonfires... this outfit is for those who are able to enjoy bonfires in the winter time. So ive created an outfit using boyfriend jeans so that its easier to move around and get comfy in. I also added a loose knit jumper to throw over your singlet or tshirt for when the sun goes down. I decided on some canvas sneakers that are functional yet still on trend because there is nothing worse than having cold and dirty feet. Lastly I added a slouch beanie for a little street cred on those super chilly nights. This outfit will provide warmth and comfort without sacrificing any style :) Enjoy- more to come!


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