Monday, July 22, 2013

Winter Fun- Movies

Movies are the best. I love nothing more than going to the cinema with a big popcorn and losing myself for a good two hours in a fantasy land. I honestly prefer going to the cinema with friends and family, but dates can also be fun at the cinemas.

Although there is nothing more awkward that going on a first date at the cinemas where you both sitting in silence, whilst trying to work out what the other person is like, and whether they will hold your hand... and then you miss most of the movie cos your worrying too much....... Okay, back to fashion!

The cinema is sometimes a difficult location for choose what to wear. Will I be cold? Will I see people I know? Am i going to meet someone cute or just with friends? Should I just wear my trackies?

Well I can clear up the last one for you.... NO! Don't wear your trackies! Just don't and save yourself the humiliation. You will always (and I mean always!!) run into that guy when you don't want to- its the laws of nature.

So what do you wear? Well I have a trusted little outfit that will get you through.

Leggings + slouchy jumper + statement necklace + cute flats = foolproof outfit.

The leggings provide warmth in those over air conditioned rooms, while still being super comfortable. The slouchy jumper provides the same comforts, and if you choose a black jumper you can still look very slim (and it will hide any food spillages!) The statement necklace adds a little bit of glam to the outfit, as well as the cute black ballet flats.

You will have no issues running into that cute guy at the cinemas now! Enjoy the film!


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