Monday, August 12, 2013

Sydney Trip 2013

Well it was due time for my annual Sydney trip. I did some fun things around the city with some friends and even began an unexpected but totally amazing relationship...which Ill get to shortly.

I wanted to share some pictures from my holiday but long story short.. I got to spend time with my friends Ben and his partner John, Sarah K and Sarah B :) I also spent time with my beautiful family, who I love spending time with when I visit. I spent a lot of time with my Aunty and Uncle who are so awesome. I love my trips to Sydney.

And so I also started a new relationship, with my boyfriend Jeremy, who ill show in some pictures below. He totally took my holiday to the next level and I am so happy with him :)

Genny and Boop reunited (our cute nicknames)

Ben & John

Sarah K and I in the city

Just walking around the The Rocks.

Sarah B and I doing dinner

My amazing boyfriend and I on our road trip

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