Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lusting: January 2014

Its time for a little lusting. It has been awhile since I have sat down and really thought about what I want or "need" in my closet. I guess my mind was focused on other things in my life, and shopping and fashion took a little bit of a backseat (GASP!)

 But as always, I am back in the fashion frame of mind and have already collected quite the lust list for January 2014. As most long time readers would already know, I always find myself craving the next season, around midway through the current season. Blame my ADD but yes, being January and only half way through summer, I am super  keen to move back in Winter ASAP please!! So my list revolves around some current season wants, but mostly some winter cravings.

 The following items, hold a strong need to reside in my wardrobe :)

1. A yellow dress
2. flat knee-high riding boots (brown wouldn't hurt either)
3. A great soft leather jacket for all occasions
4. Printed pants and/or leggings
5. A linen shirt
6. A statement necklace, preferably in coral
7. A lighter coloured sweater
8. Some sort of winter hat
9. A powder blue chain bag
10. Asymmetric skirts (already have leather... floral would be lovely!)
11. Brown or camel ankle boots

January Lust

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