Monday, February 10, 2014

Fashion Icon: Julianne Hough

I love this girl. I first came across her in Burlesque, then in Footloose, Rock of Ages and finally Safe Haven. Obsessed with her, and might I say, what an awesome name!! :)

She is so fun and interesting. She loves to dance and sing and be silly. She has an awesome Instagram account (@julieshough) and is best friends with my girl Nina Dobrev. Whats not to love about her?

Ive wanted to emulate her hair, her makeup and finally her fashion sense. She is very much like me with her mixes basics with a statement piece in a street/casual style.

Below are some of my favourite looks from Miss Hough.

Julianne Hough

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Everyday Makeup: January 2014

I absolutely love makeup. I collect way to much of it, and my daily makeup kit is actually bursting at the seems.

I do however, have my few products that I ALWAYS reach for when I am doing my every day makeup looks, and these are pictured below.

For my base, I always use my Maybelline Age Rewind brightener under my eyes and follow with Maybellines Fit Me Concealer. I also use Fit Me on any blemishes that I have. I then use my Sedona Lace Round Top brush to buff in my Maybelline Superstay Foundation. I then set it all with Australis Setting Powder.

For contouring I have been grabbing my E.L.F. Contour Duo (great dupes for Nars Orgasm and Laguna).

For my eyes I use my L'oreal quad in brown and I usually contour my eyes with the lightest colour and mid brown colour. I then use the darkest brown to etch out my crease and line my lower lash line. I also use the mid brown to fill in my eye brows!

Lastly I use Essence liquid liner and coat my lashes with Covergirl's Lashblast Fusion.

If I wear a lipstick, it will usually be an Ulta3 lipstick in a mid-pink shade. My favourite lipstick of all time would have to be Revlon Colorburst in Carnation.

makeup routine Jan 2014

{ Maybelline Superstay Foundation || E.L.F. Contour Duo || Australis Setting Powder }
{ Maybelline Age Rewind Brightener || Maybelline Fit Me Concealer || Covergirl Lashblast Fusion || Essence Liquid Liner || L'Oreal Eyeshadow Quad }

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trend: Asymmetrical Hems

I absolutely LOVE this trend. It has been very big for this summer, and Im sure that it will go into winter as well. Its the asymmetrical hemline that has been seen everywhere from on skirts, dresses and even jackets!

I find that it is very flattering and a somewhat unexpected twist on a traditional shape. For those of you with long legs, you can get away with the mini skirts and dresses that have a little more a peep show.

For those who want a little more modesty, you are not left out. You can wear a pencil skirt or knee length dress. If you aren't a skirt/dress kind of girl, then for a jacket or vest with an unexpected twist.

Below are some of picks to embrace this trend.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Skincare Routine: Jan 2014

Fashion is such a big part of what I write about on this blog. In fact its the main thing that I write about.

But as most of you know, I am also a makeup artist, and therefore anything makeup or skincare holds a special place in my heart. It has been a couple of years since I put up my skincare routine, and alot has changed since then.

 My skin is still the same... oily/combination with mild acne.

Acne is a constant problem for my skin and I am always trying to find ways to improve it. Right now I am loving the Natio acne line. Its gentle and i can actually feel it working. I do still get the odd breakout or two, which is very frustrating as I am trying to clear my skin up before my wedding but I will continue to use this routine for another month  to see how i go!

My current routine for night time is to cleanse my face with Natio Dual Action Cleanser & Toner, remove any extra eye makeup with the Garnier 2 in 1 Makeup Remover, and swipe my face with Biore's Complexion Clearing toner. I then use Garniers Age Lift Eye Cream and moisturise my face with Garnier Dark Spot Corrector. If I have a breakout, I use the Nation Antibacterial Spot Treatment under the moisturiser.

In the mornings (if I am being good) I will cleanse my face as above and tone and I will then use the Natio Daily Radiance Eye Cream. Depending on what my day holds for me, I will alternate between SPF moisturiser and SPF free. If I am going out at night or will be in the office all day, I will use Palmers Cocoa butter (which I know might get alot of flack because its a body moisturiser but I LOVE it for my face). If I am going to be out a little bit in the sun I will use the Palmers Daily Facial Moisturiser with SPF 15. If I will be at the beach, at a park etc, then I will use my Nivea Daily Moisturiser with SPF 30. I dont like the feel of sunscreen on my face, and it always gets in my eyes so I don't really use it unless I need it.

I realise this is bad, as I live in Australia which has the highest sun factor in the world, and as a makeup artist i DO know better. But I just haven't found one that I am willing to wear every day... and so the hunt continues....

skincare Jan 2014

skincare Jan 2014

{ Nation Antibacterial Spot Treatment || Biore Complexion Clearing Toner || Natio Dual Action Cleaner & Toner || Garnier Dark Spot Corrector}
{ Palmers Cocoa Butter || Nation Daily Radiance Eye Cream || Garnier 2 in 1 Makeup Remover}