Saturday, September 13, 2014

How To Style: Denim Shirt

Last post, I spoke about how denim is very key this season, even to the extend on doubling up on bottom and on top. If you are unsure how to rock denim this season, I have made it a little easier for you with my new post called How To Style.

With this new series I will attempt to show you how you can style a key piece, colour or trend in 4 different ways...The office, girly weekend, girls night out, and relaxed/sporty.

Today I am showing you how to fit the chambray/denim shirt into your look, depending on your event or your plans for the day.

For a night out, I would button up the shirt the whole way and throw on a statement necklace around the colar. I would wear a short leather skirt to balance it out and some sexy heels.

For a girly vibe, I love mixing florals and denim. This crop top and skirt combo is perfect for a cooler spring day, once you throw on your denim shirt and tie the front in a knot. Throw your cross body bag over your shoulder, and slip on your sandals and you are ready for a brunch or shopping date.

For the office, I would button the shirt up, leaving the top two buttons undone. Its important not to show any cleavage so throw on a camisole underneath if you need to. I would tuck the shirt into some white trousers and make a statement with print skinny belt.

Lastly for a sporty/relaxed vibe. Throw on your favourite coloured shorts and graphic tshirt, with some trainers, and leave the shirt open and flowing. This looks so carefree and you can finish off this look with a statement cap.

I hope this helps you out, and let me know if there is a tricky trend that you trying to conquer.


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