Sunday, September 7, 2014

Spring Fashion Trends 2014

Its been a couple of days since my last post but thats because I have collecting information on all the best trends for Spring 2014. As I always say, in Australia we are always a season behind in fashion which is a blessing and a curse. A curse because, well we have to wait to get all the trends in stores here and we are usually going into the opposite season have to wait till temperatures are suitable, but a blessing because it means we can start rocking summer or winter fashion a season early if we can find the items online, or we already own them. In saying that, keep an eye out for the Spring 2015 sneak peak coming next week, if you want to get ahead of the Aussie fashion pack.

For now though, this is my wrap up for the top trends for Spring 2014. I have combined a couple of trends in a few items to make it more simple. So here it is...

First trend is something I always love to wear in Spring, and that's florals. The prints are even bigger this year so go all out if you can. The other trend in this particular outfit is the matching set. Whether you choose to do a pant suit, a skirt and top or slim fit suit; if you can find it in a matching print, then you are winning. The next trend is of course the denim. Double denim is even big this season so go all out! Geometric prints are all the rage this spring with checks being especially popular like in this skirt below. A big trend on the red carpet this season has been the ear cuff or going large on one earring and smaller on the other side. Both are very on trend. White was everywhere on the run ways for 2014 and especially in the form of the crisp white shirt. Pair it with white pants and its double points! Sport Luxe is continuing on as a must trend, but if it isnt your thing, just add a baseball cap! Blush is the main colour trend for spring, with it being seen in some of the biggest shows at fashion week, and this blush top demonstrates the crop top trend which is massive this season. Pair crop tops with high waisted items so that you are showing the smallest little sliver of your upper waist. Fringe is very trendy with it especially prominent on bags, shorts and kaftans. Curvy girls rejoice because fuller skirts are big this Spring, with a longer length preferred. Lastly block heels are in -YAY- and our ankles can relax with this great support.

Spring 2014

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