Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lust List - Summer 2015

I'm here, I'm back and ready to get my but into gear with providing you all insight into the latest fashion trends, beauty tricks and also now, baby posts!!!

Yes that's right! I'm having a baby! I'm due end of December, so right now I am in the thick of the 3rd trimester with all its big belly and hormones!

I'm slowing down more with work and life in general so I've found myself a lot more free to focus on what I love to do, which is blogging!!

So for my first post back I want to look at pieces that I am Lusting. Yes, my very frequent lust list is back. I feel this time it is very 90s themed with the cool toned blues, denims and whites. Being that we are going into summer in Australia, I am focused on lighter weight fabrics and colours.

Lusting 2015 Summer

Now, in saying all this....I'm not going out and buying things from my lust list this time....why? Because let's face it. I wouldn't fit into a denim skirt or a lacey dress like I have pictured. And forget about those shoes.....I wouldn't get outside my front door without aching in them.

So here is my realistic lust list, complete with maternity gear, teething necklace, nappy bag and slip on sandals!