Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pregnancy: A look back

35 weeks pregnant and staring at the final few weeks before our family grows. It has been a journey by every meaning of the where do I begin.

First and foremost I want to state that I feel unbelievably honoured that God allowed my husband and I to fall pregnant and bring a child into this world. I know alot of people aren't able to have children, so please know how blessed I feel.

So, I found out late April that I was pregnant. We had only been trying for 2 months before i got my positive test. I couldn't believe it but it's exactly how people say, you just "know" while your waiting for the little blue lines.

The first trimester was super easy. Mild nausea, mild tiredness and that's about it. This continued till about week 14/15 when I suddenly developed Pelvic Girdle Pain which resulted in a couple of Chiro and Physio appointments which thankfully eventually fixed it.

At 19 weeks I got a routine scan to find out the gender (A GIRL!!!) where they though I might have low fluid in my uterus....which later, after alot of tears, was found to be untrue and everything was perfectly fine. At 22 weeks I developed Round Ligament Pain in my lower tummy which lasted a good couple of weeks. Was quite painful but thankfully a distant memory now.

My second trimester finished up with me getting a positive result for Gestational Diabetes. Thankfully diet proved to keep the diabetes under control and wasn't as much of an issue as I though it would be. In fact I cleaned up my diet so much that I kept my weight under control as well!!

The third trimester is where I am now and boy am I feeling bub. She is sitting head down and feet are right in my ribs. She constantly kicks to let me know she is there. I have constant indigestion and have to keep meals quite small. My diabetes is under control but they are keeping an eye on her growth with constant scans and appointments. There is a chance I could be induced early but we won't know anything till the next scan.

At 35 weeks I've reached a whole new level of uncomfortable. It's so hot (30°c days) and I swear she just had another growth spurt cos my tummy feels so super stretched to the point where it hurts to roll over in bed now........oh boy, bring on Labour. ...soon. ..PLEASE!!

All in all, I can't really complain about my pregnancy. It was rather easy compared to many stories I have heard. My sister had constant sickness and was hospitalized a few mine was a dream compared. BUT it's not all roses and fairies like you sometimes see people portray it to be like. Yes you apparently get the glow (????) and you get to rock a cute little bump but you also get other things i didnt fully expect like sleepless nights, sore back, lots of toilet stops, waddling, nausea, indigestion and kicks to the ribs- all totally worth it for the end result of course :)

5 weeks at most to go, nursery is ready and I'm really looking forward to meeting our little bundle of joy. I will post an overview of labour and delivery once I've recovered and post some pictures of the little one in all her cuteness when she arrives!!

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