Sunday, November 22, 2015

Summer 2015 Trend: 90s Influence

My last post that I put up spoke about how the fashion this season is being influenced by trends made popular in the seventies. I also mentioned that a lot of influence is coming from the nineties as well. This post focuses on the latter.
The nineties trends that i am speaking of are more from the early/mid nineties, such as the muted cool tones of light denim, black and white stripes, and softer take on grunge. Think nineties off duty models. 

I'm not talking about the 'loud' fashion from the late nineties that was made popular by the Spice Girls. If this comes back, I might need to retire this blog!! Haha.

So back to what is on trend. High neck singlet tops, preferably cropped. High waited denim short, skirts or jeans. White converses and little black leather backpacks. Accessories were those little black stretchy chokers and pendant necklaces. Brown lips and bold brows were also massive in the beauty realm.

Below are some ideas of pieces you can include into your wardrobe to give a little nod to the nineties.

90's style

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